Mobile Access to Analysis Services Reloaded with ReportPlus v3.0

Guillermo Lopez / Monday, June 23, 2014

As I mentioned in the release blog post of ReportPlus v3.0, we have invested in improving the overall experience of working with Analysis Services cubes from mobile devices, to define queries, and author dashboards with the result of those queries.

Specifically in version 3.0 of ReportPlus support for Analysis Services connections has been improved in the following ways:

New Tree Editor for Hierarchies and Measures

The user interface to edit connections to cubes has been improved to introduce a tree editor to navigate the hierarchies of a cube’s dimensions, and measures. The area for the dimensions navigator has been extended, and can be customized with the slider. When the visualizations panel is expanded the tree view display is resized automatically.

ReportPlus AnalysisServices Editor

Named Sets Support

Analysis Services allows the user to group information in a cube in a structure called named sets, which simplify the querying process. This user defined structures are supported with version 3.0 of ReportPlus.

Folders and Measure Groups

Support is introduced for groupings of metrics in cubes using folders and measure groups.

Calculated Fields for Analysis Services

The ability to add new calculated fields in Analysis Services data sources is introduced in this version. For instance if a query from a cube retrieves sales from America, EMEA, Australia, China and Japan, a new field named APAC which adds sales for Australia, China and Japan can be added.