ReportPlus v3.0 released, adds dashboard sharing, rebranding exports, improved Analysis Services support and more

Guillermo Lopez / Friday, June 6, 2014

ReportPlus Mobile Business Intelligence

After months of wait we are proud to announce that ReportPlus v3.0 is available for download in the app store.  Version 3.0 represents a major release for the team; it ships several new features as well as introduces enhancements to the overall user experience of the app.

With this release the app switches business model. ReportPlus going forward becomes a subscription based app, free to download, but requires a subscription to unlock all features.  Existing users, who purchased the app in previous versions, are granted a perpetual license to use all subscription features free of charge. In order to redeem this license you must register and tap on the Restore Purchases button.

The Lite version is removed from the app store. Existing users of the Lite version will continue to be able to use it but won’t receive any updates, and are encouraged to move to the new version.

Among the list of new features there’s the following:

App Store Core

  • Folders support in the initial dashboard selector view. You can now group local dashboards in folders, making finding and managing dashboards easier.
  • Enhanced Analysis Services editor & support. Data sets retrieved from Analysis Services get a completely revamped editor, including a treeview editor for navigating the hierarchies of dimensions and measures, plus named sets, folders and measure groups support.
  • UNDO/REDO. Both in the dashboard design canvas, as in the Widget Editor you have the ability to undo and redo any action, making the learning process smoother.
  • AutoSave. The dashboards being designed is constantly saved to avoid any data loss.
  • Hourly Aggregation. Time based aggregation now goes beyond Year, Month, Day, and allows you to group records by Hour.
  • Overlay of help tooltips. In any screen if you tap the help button an overlay of tooltips with descriptive texts is displayed. Some of them link help articles.
  • Cascading filters support for widget filters and global filters. Define related filters with dependencies, such as Country>State>City, so that when users select a Country, only valid values are displayed for State, and City filters.

App Store Subscription

  • In the cloud repository to share dashboards & folders. Sync your dashboards across devices and share them with other users in such a way that they keep shared dashboards in sync.
  • Export to PDF, Word and CSV document formats. ReportPlus v3.0 goes beyond powerpoint slides when it comes to exporting and sharing in office formats.
  • Rebranding company color & logo in exported documents. Export professional looking documents with your company logo and you company color.
  • Annotations support in emailed images & exported documents. Add notes and markers in exports to highlight the big picture.
  • DIY HTML Visualizations. Visualize data sets retrieved by ReportPlus with your own html + javascript code.


  • Navigation Between Dashboards. You can specify one dashboard to open another dashboard passing parameters, upon certain actions such as: widget maximize, or tapping a row, or chart column. This enables drill down navigation experiences across dashboards, where one dashboards offers a broad overview, and another a greater level of detail. For instance you can create a dashboard with a Company 360 Overview, and have a Human Resources widget, and when the user maximizes the HR widget navigate to the HR Dashboard.

I will be covering in more detail all these features in a series of future blog posts. We hope you enjoy the new version, and find value in the new features. If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to contact us.