16.2 Webinar Recap

Infragistics Videos / Friday, November 4, 2016

We would like to thank everyone for attending the Infragistics 16.2 webinar! If you missed it, please check out the recording here.

Also be sure to check out the What’s New posts for Ignite UI, WPF and WinForms.

We had several questions asked during the webinar. We do our best to answer all the questions we can during the webinar, but sometimes we can’t get to all of them or we need to research the answers. Here is a list of the questions from the webinar and the answers:

Do you have any authorized resellers or distributors in East Africa ?

We have a partner in South Africa called Titus. Alternatively, you can reach out to Compares in South Africa. We don’t appear to have a partner specifically designated for East Africa.

I see your Ignite UI Angular 2 solutions have a jQuery dependency. They're wrapped jQuery widgets and not true not Angular 2 components, right?

Our Angular 2 components are Angular 2 components, but they are not jQuery-free. From a developer experience standpoint, there is no difference when using our components as opposed to jQuery-free components.

Will I be able to take advantage of Angular Universal and Ahead of Time compilation with wrapped jQuery components?

We currently do not support these. We are working on developing support for Angular Universal for our Data Visualization components. If this type of support is important to you, please add it to http://ideas.infragistics.com.

Is 16.2 offering the "ImmediateLineSeries" chart for high performance charting using the writable bitmap?

I need a little more information about your question. Can you drop me an email at JBender@Infragistics.com and let me know if you are talking about WPF, WinForms or Web?

I'd like the WPF tile ability to detach from tile manager and float anywhere on the page. Is that possible?

Are you looking for something like this: http://ideas.infragistics.com/forums/192363-wpf/suggestions/15676971-freeform-tile-placement-system-for-xamtilemanager.

Is there any recommendation or example available for SharePoint or Office 365?

I was in the process of asking for more information about this question when the webinar ended. Can you please drop me an email at JBender@Infragistics.com and give me a little more information about what you are looking for please?

We have a Silverlight web product that we are going to move to HTML5/javascript. Using Silverlight was great - no cross browser issues. How do your tools help reduce cross browser support?

The core of Ignite UI is built on jQuery, which is a framework that handles cross browser support issues.

Internally when you develop Javascript, do you actually use a language like typescript?

Sometimes, it depends on the context and situation. We try to use the best tool available for each task. All of our libraries will work in TypeScript and have type definitions available.

I have a list of X,Y plot points that show a 2D object. (like dot to dot) Do you have a chart that will display this?

Yes, our chart supports this.

We have integrated the XamNetworkNode in our flagship WPF application. However we need the component to be able to style each edge depending on the edge datamodel (edge of different color, size,etc) and to have weights and label on the edge. I also notice that this components have not received update in the last couple of updates. Do you think the XamNetworkNode can received this new feature or some others improvements in the next release updates?

We will try our best to accommodate you. Please go to http://ideas.infragistics.com and make sure your request is listed. If you need immediate support, I would recommend reaching out to support to see if there is a work around. You could also look into the xamDiagram and see if that control fits your needs.

You mentioned Nuget, will there be a nuget solution for licensed customers?

Yes, we offer NuGet packages to licensed users via a private NuGet server.

Again, thanks for joining us for the 16.2 webinar. Please follow Infragistics and Ignite UI on Twitter for latest updates. And as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email at JBender@Infragistics.com.