AEP Connects Thousands of Field Employees Across 11 States with SharePlus Enterprise

Infragistics Team / Friday, August 18, 2017

A utility that has nearly 18,000 employees serving nearly 5.4 million customers across 11 states needs to be able to connect a vast number of field employees to the information and resources they need from any location. But the SharePoint system that American Electric Power (AEP) was using was only available through laptops and office workstations. AEP leaders knew the system could become a valuable collaboration and communication tool — if it could be accessed on mobile devices.

An AEP technician uses SharePlus Enterprise to access key information in the field

Now AEP uses Infragistics SharePlus Enterprise to extend the reach of its SharePoint system to workers in the field, with or without network connectivity. Today, the SharePoint site attracts more than 400 daily visitors, a tremendous increase from the approximately 50 employees who were using the system as a virtual bulletin board.

“We saw the power of using smart devices to provide relevant, updated information that is easy to find,” says Al Taylor, Transmission Field Services Work Scheduling and Technology Support Manager at AEP. “We wanted to enable our field services organization to connect and access the information they need, so they can stay in the field as much as possible to get work done.”

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