IG Backlog for 11/10/17

Infragistics Team / Friday, November 10, 2017

A shortened week always creates a little extra backlog, but it's worth the extra work to spend a day honoring our veterans. Thank you to those of you who have served and your families!

  1. Bots vs. Scammers: In what might be one of the most useful applications of AI to date, Engadget reports that there's a company now using machine learning to waste e-mail scammer's time. If only it could mean that WE get time back!
  2. I after A except on iPhone: TechCrunch reports that Apple pushed an update that fixes an autocorrect bug that didn't let people type "I" in their phone. So now we just have to go back to the usual autocorrect fails. 
  3. Shades of Black Friday: Perhaps it's just me, but I'm seeing a bunch of "early Black Friday" ads already. They get that we still have a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving and the official shopping craziness, right? (Business Insider has a decent roundup)

What do you think? Is going after annoying e-mail scams the best use of AI? Do you have a favorite autocorrect moment? Tweet with your thoughts @Infragistics and include #IGBackLog for a chance to win an IG hat!

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