Real Mobility for Vertical Industries with SharePlus Enterprise

Infragistics Team / Monday, September 18, 2017

When insurance companies respond to catastrophic disasters, that work happens in the field, not in a corporate office. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, insurers have set up mobile claims centers near the affected areas, piloted drones to document the extent of damage in still-flooded neighborhoods, and even employed therapy dogs and teddy bears to help comfort displaced families. As insurers pursue new ways to quickly settle claims, they’re combining emerging technology with old-fashioned empathy — and, crucially, extensive and accurate customer data. Their innovation depends on the ability to give mobile professionals access to the tools and information they need to be productive whether they’re updating files in a regional office or wading through the muck left by receding floodwaters.

Insurance is hardly alone; mobile technology is essential to the success of construction, pharmaceutical sales, utilities, consumer goods, shipbuilding, and many more industries. It’s not enough to equip teams with cell phones and tablets if they can’t open and edit documents, upload photos and videos to document work in progress, or easily find the information they need to solve customers’ problems in the moment. These devices must give mobile teams secure, up-to-date access to all the same business data they could get from a hardwired connection at company headquarters — usable where it really matters. Much of this vital data resides on corporate SharePoint systems, where it isn’t always easy for mobile teams to not only access but search, analyze, update, and share it. SharePlus Enterprise is the tool that makes companies’ SharePoint implementations truly mobile, on any device and from any location, with or without connectivity.

With SharePlus Enterprise, companies can set up industry-specific, custom mobile workspaces that make their field sales and service teams productive in any location — even in offline mode. Construction job site project managers can connect to production timelines, quick ordering of supplies and tools, labor scheduling, and more to keep projects on time and under budget. Both governmental organizations and corporate boards can manage paperless meetings, ensuring all participants have secure access to the most current versions of the documents under discussion, along with communications and archiving tools to keep fully informed and compliant with regulations for public records.

In the coming weeks we’ll be outlining some of the things vertical industries have achieved with SharePlus Enterprise. We’ll show how utility companies track and maintain heavy equipment in remote locations. We’ll explore how mobile sales professionals can tailor presentations to customers while they’re on the road. And we’ll look at mobile workspaces that go beyond providing network access to make company information truly usable, with analysis and visualization tools that turn data into insight, and insight into sales and customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to learn more about SharePlus Enterprise, start your 30-day free trial and see what custom mobile workspaces and seamless access can do for your mobile teams.