ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release

Jessica Skarzynski / Friday, May 26, 2017

ReportPlus Desktop Version is here:


  • Switched to lightweight charts
  • Dropbox v2 API support
  • Enterprise Repository recent and favorites dashboards synchronization
  • Change data source for global filters support

Fixed issues:

  • Dashboard themes are now consistent with iOS
  • Calculated fields are no longer required for mapping when changing the data source
  • The minimum value calculated for gauges when null values are present in the data is now correct
  • JP satellite assemblies are distributed with the SDK
  • Widget copying is now responsive when the chart has a lot of data
  • Change visualization in view mode UX is now consistent with iOS
  • Visualizations and global filters are no longer loading multiple times
  • Chart drilling works correctly when the field name contains “Month” string
  • Minimized grid widgets no longer show scroll bars
  • Widget now maximizes on mouse left button up
  • Current culture is handled correctly by the number text editors
  • Change data source mapping fields options handle the field type correctly
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Reporting Services and Microsoft Analysis Services data providers now have different icons

We hope you’ll enjoy our latest release!