Make Your SharePoint Implementation Truly Mobile with SharePlus Enterprise

Infragistics Team / Monday, July 24, 2017

Does your enterprise network fully support your mobile strategy? We speak with lots of customers who haven’t yet taken the steps to make their enterprise assets truly mobile on any device. We also speak with some who use the SharePoint app, but haven’t truly optimized the mobile experience to unleash the full potential of their mobile workforce.

 And we have the same message for both: If you really want to give your mobile professionals the full capabilities and flexibility of your enterprise SharePoint implementation, you need Infragistics SharePlus Enterprise.

The SharePoint app is a starting point, offering a view into your existing SharePoint system, plus compatibility with other enterprise apps on your mobile device. The advantage of SharePlus Enterprise is that it adds the key ingredients to take your SharePoint implementation mobile and fully empower your mobile workforce.

SharePlus Enterprise provides seamless, secure mobile access to your enterprise information through a customized mobile workspace that provides one place to find everything, one place to work, and one app to manage it all.

The Custom Mobile Workspace

Mobile professionals need different tools and different kinds of access when they’re out in the field than when they’re back in the home office working on a desktop or laptop. With SharePlus Enterprise, you can set up a custom mobile workspace that brings together the content, workflows, and communication tools mobile professionals need, tailored to their roles — all in a single app.

Finding the right information is easy and instantaneous with contextual search that incorporates your SharePoint assets, network file shares, and other content repositories, and searches the contents of documents along with filenames and metadata.

The SharePlus Enterprise custom workspace is the difference between having access to information and having exactly the right information at your fingertips, exactly when you need it to close a sale or complete an equipment installation. It’s a single app on the user’s mobile device. This means users have everything at their fingertips, without having to jump out of the workspace and into different apps to open, create, edit, annotate, and save files — including PDFs — and use checklists and calendars.     

Secure Access to Everything

The larger your enterprise, the more complex your mobile security needs will be. We’ve designed the SharePlus Enterprise mobile interface to make it easy to fully integrate with your existing security protocols and with every major mobile device management system. SharePlus Enterprise can accommodate secure access to legacy apps and repositories within your system, as well as advanced security technologies such as advanced tunneling, fingerprint access, or multifactor authentication.

IT managers can easily implement security standards and push out settings to users automatically, without requiring individuals to do their own device configurations. That’s important, because leaving end users to manage their own device security can lead to accidental mistakes or deliberate work-arounds, compromising network security for everyone. 

Offline Access When You Need It

For mobile professionals, offline access to business data is crucial. Mobile service and Wi-Fi networks can vanish unpredictably, right when you need your most up-to-date resources. SharePlus Enterprise automatically syncs devices with enterprise networks and repositories, so the mobile workspace will always be up to date; network admins can tailor the frequency of update schedules for content that’s regularly used offline.

There’s no need to plan ahead and manually sync data, unlike with the SharePoint mobile app, which requires end users to proactively sync their specific content before losing their connection. Even in remote locations, mobile professionals can follow service checklists, access current product information, or even input orders and updates that will automatically sync with the enterprise network when service is available again.  

The Power of Data Visualization

Finally, Infragistics knows that combining accurate, up-to-date data with deep insight helps you make better decisions in the field. That’s why the SharePlus Enterprise mobile workspace includes the ability to create and share visualizations on mobile devices that let you monitor and analyze data from multiple sources in real time. A sales representative can measure progress toward the week’s targets, or a project manager can see where budgets are running hot and what categories to bring under control, all optimized for viewing on a device. 

In the next four posts in this series, we’ll take a closer look at some business scenarios that show how different industry segments can use SharePlus Enterprise to make their business truly mobile. We’ll start with a look at field services, followed by field sales, job site project management, and paperless meetings. 

Learn more about how your business can get more out of SharePoint with our three-part on-demand webinar, SharePoint Unchained, hosted by Infragistics solution consultant Kiril Matev. Kiril explores the value of empowering your mobile business, the underutilized power of SharePoint, and how SharePlus brings it all together. And try SharePlus Enterprise free for 30 days to see the difference it can make for your business.