What's New in 18.1: Ignite UI for JavaScript

Infragistics Team / Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ignite UI for JavaScript and Ignite UI for Angular pack a punch with best-of-breed components designed to be the optimal choice for any Capital Market application for JavaScript and native Angular. Featuring support for OpenFin OS, an increasingly popular alternative to modernize financial desktops and enable instant distribution across multiple device types, these top performing, easy-to-use, data grids and financial charts are built to be the backbone of high-performance, high-volume data applications.

Ignite UI for Angular now boasts the fastest Angular Data Grid & Angular Chart components on the market. In addition, our Angular toolkit has expanded to 50+ Material-based components. Ignite UI subscribers have a commercial license for our JavaScript and Angular components.

Let's get into the details about what's new.

JavaScript and Angular Get Financial Charts 

With the Financial Chart for JavaScript and Angular, igFinancialChart and igxFinancialChart respectively, users are offered a lightweight and high-performance solution for displaying financial data with web applications. It's boasting an intuitive and easy-to-use API, as the chart function offers multiple ways in which a user can display or visualize financial data. Essentially, it helps you easily bind your data or data collections, and then it will automatically analyze and select data columns for you. It’ll go ahead and use the Date and Time columns for the x-axis, and the y-axis will be dedicated to Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume. If you don’t have y-axis columns specifically dedicated to those titles, it’ll then pick the first five numeric columns. Furthermore, you can choose while chart types to employ for your data, with options like Bar, Candle, Column, and Line. 


JQuery Candle Chart 


Angular Candle Chart 

JavaScript's Excel Engine Features and Spreadsheet Support 

Moving from the Financial Charts, Ignite UI for JavaScript has had updates to its Excel engine with now over a hundred supported functions for the engine and spreadsheets. One significant feature of the update is the addition of Conditional Formatting, allowing you to apply formatting like colors, icons, and data bars to one or more cells based on the cell value. On top of the Conditional formatting, there's also the new Advanced Dialog filter that makes the filtering of specific data much more manageable.  


Conditional Formatting 


Example of Date Filters 

Angular's Updated Data Grid and Chart Components 

We're proud to continually provide developers with the best Data Grid components on the market, and our additions with this release are offering a variety of capabilities to improve the user experience. While you can extensively read about the updates for Angular in the blog post, "What's New in 18.1: Ignite UI for Angular", we do want to highlight a major component that was included in this release: The Category Chart. This component simplifies the complexities of the data visualization domain into an uncomplicated API. You can effortlessly bind a collection of data, or even a collection of collections, and let Category Chart do the rest. It’ll analyze your data and then automatically select the best series for the data’s representation. You can see the sample of the Category Chart and be mindful that the Grid updates are also here to help. Some notable components of the Data Grid are Column Pinning, Column Resizing, and Export to Excel, and you can glance through the list of components to learn even more. 


Our goal is to help you boost user experience and your productivity when it comes to web application development.  Want to check out the new features for yourself? You can jump-start trying out our Ignite UI suite with a free trial or update your current subscription. Lastly, check out the @Infragistics Twitter page and if you have a request for a future product update, submit it at the Product Ideas page.