NetAdvantage for JSF Likes Chrome!

[Infragistics] Jess Chadwick / Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The new "Chrome" browser, from Google, has raised a lot of questions and concerned. I'm happy to report that thanks to our adherence to web ( and JCP) standards, NetAdvantage for JSF is completely compatible with Chrome.

Of course, this is a great example of the importance of open standards in the development world. Although adherence to standards sometimes creates more work, in the long run, having everyone "singing from the same song book" encourages innovation and creativity.

From my own use of it, I'm pretty favorably impressed with Chrome. The V8 Javascript engine really improves page performance (important for pages with lots of AJAX-based rendering) and the new approach to using tabs is sensible and user friendly.

 If you haven't tried Chrome you can have a look here For now, youneed to be on Microsoft Windows, but linux and Mac versions are on their way.