Announcing the WPF & Silverlight Schedule Controls CTP

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am very pleased to announce the official CTP release of the WPF & Silverlight xamSchedule suite of controls.   We have been hard at work on this new set of controls for a while now, and its time to get it out for feedback.  Some highlights of this CTP release include:

  • Day View – Provides your users with a day-by-day view of one or more resources' calendars in a day planner style with variable time slot intervals, and overlapping or resizable appointments.
  • Schedule View – Lays out appointments horizontally for one or more resources’ calendars, allowing your users to scroll horizontally through their schedules.
  • Flexible Data Binding – Our Data Connectors pattern allows you to plug-in xamScheduleDataManager™ instances that handle binding to generic lists (and potentially other data sources in the future) to retrieve activities, resources and calendars.
  • Office 2010 Themes – Silver, Black and Blue themes familiar to users from Microsoft Office that can be set with one property setting.
  • Unified XAML Product Strategy – When the time comes to migrate onto the Web, our Unified XAML Product Strategy gives you consistent APIs and XAML that make it easier to develop scheduling applications on Microsoft Silverlight® 4 and WPF.


This screenshot shows the DayView control displaying multiple calendars.  You’ll notice the look/feel/behavior is the same as if you were looking at multiple calendars in Outlook 2010 calendar.



And similar to Outlook 2010 as well, you can overlay calendars, so you can view multiple calendars in the same view:



And if you want an alternate view of multiple resources, use our innovative ScheduleView to display horizontal calendars from multiple resources:




And of course, the Add Appointment dialog using the Office Ribbon control:



So you can hopefully see that we are doing some pretty impressive work on the Scheduling suite of controls that we’ll be releasing in the 10.3 product this fall.  If you are in need of a Schedule solution, go ahead and download the bits from the overview page and give us feedback, we are looking forward to hearing from you!