Mobile SharePoint: Infragistics Acquires SouthLabs for End-to-End iPad, Android & Blackberry SharePoint Experience

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It is with great excitement that I am posting this blog to announce our acquisition of SouthLabs, and their market-leading mobile SharePoint solution - SharePlus. SharePlus delivers native applications for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iTouch Universal App), BlackBerry and Android Mobile which allows users to securely access their server based SharePoint assets. SharePlus connects to SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, BPOS and Office 365 with complete read (and “Open In”) & edit capability, as well as offline & synchronization support for document libraries and enterprise-grade security. 

I’ll talk about some details of SharePlus next, but if you don’t feel like reading on, you can:

Read the Infragistics Press Release

Download SharePlus from iTunes

Learn more at


How do Mobile Apps Fit with Infragistics?

With the 2011 release of our LightSwitch tools for the citizen developer, and the release of our acclaimed SharePoint Web Parts for the information worker, SharePlus flows naturally with our strategy to deliver an exceptional user experience for business intelligence data across the client and the server in the Enterprise. No matter how you or your customers need to access server data to make better decisions in a timely basis, Infragistics has a solution for you.

What About .NET Developer Tools & HTML5?

Infragistics fully intends to grow our market leadership in the user experience tools and components space. Last year was another record year in terms of new controls & features, revenue, customer acquisition and customer satisfaction, and we delivered to market more new products than we ever have. This year we’ll continue delivering high-performance & innovative experiences for HTML5, Data Visualization, SharePoint, Reporting, Windows Phone 7, Windows Forms, ASP.NET and WinRT & WinJS for Windows 8.

Awesome, Tell Me More About SharePlus

SharePlus allows you to collaborate with your team - sharing documents, calendars, images and tasks lists from anywhere - the meeting room, a taxi, or when out visiting a client. Regardless of where that client is, and what network connectivity is like at his or her location. You can browse and edit documents, discussions, announcements, InfoPath forms, reports, wiki pages and custom lists. You can also capture images, video and audio directly from your device into SharePoint. SharePlus will work with your current SharePoint credentials, so you don’t have to ask for special permissions to access your SharePoint sites and assets. Even better, SharePlus doesn't also require any server side components, except SharePoint!

Among SharePlus features are:

Content Management

  • Add, edit & delete list items, supporting Calendars, Tasks, Pictures, Contacts, Custom Lists, Discussion Boards, Documents and External List.
  • Add pictures to rich text and hyperlink fields automatically, from your album or take a new photo with the camera.


Document Management

  • Send/Receive documents from/to 3rd party applications using the "OPEN IN" feature. Received documents are sent to the list they were edited from, or they are staged in a "Local Files" folder, and may be attached to any list item, or used to update any document.
  • Full CONTENT TYPE support
  • Check-In / Check-Out & Approve / Reject support
  • Attach documents to list items
  • Paste picture files directly from other apps


Offline Support

  • Select the lists and/or views you want to store locally
  • Offline Sync runs in the background, copying list contents, including attached documents
  • Add, Edit and Delete items while off-line, and re-sync when back on-line, with collision handling



  • Grid View - Display your list/library content as a grid with columns, to quickly visualize all its metadata
  • Calendar Month View
  • Picture Board - Quickly browse Picture Library items in a thumbnails view
  • Sort & Group - Customize the way your data is displayed by sorting (single / multi-column) and grouping items
  • Views Support - Browse data by view in online mode, respecting server defined list views, with ordering and filtering settings
  • List & Site Search: Search within lists, and sites online and offline.
  • PDF Viewer - Read large PDF files with a built-in reader, navigating by page or using PDF bookmarks.



  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3)
  • SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2010
  • OFFICE 365 (BPOS included) Authentication
  • Windows and Form Based Authentication (FBA) support
  • Custom WEB LOGIN forms
  • Client Certificate Authentication support
  • Microsoft ISA Server and Microsoft Forefront Authentication support
  • HTTPS SSL Support: Supports self-signed SSL certificates



  • Data Protection - Your local data is protected using the built-in hardware encryption system that Apple recommends


Other Cool Features

  • Wi-Fi Document Sharing - Exchange files to any computer or device using a web browser.
  • Passcode Lock
  • AirPrint, AirPlay and VGA output support
  • Video and Audio Recording
  • InfoPath form libraries.
  • Reporting Services report libraries.
  • Paste file support
  • Location Service - When adding or editing an item, you can get your current location to be used as column value


SharePlus also offers an Enterprise version. Among SharePlus Enterprise features are:

  • Rebranding
  • In house deployment
  • Connection configuration sharing
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Custom Features & Features trimming
  • Premium Customer support


Wrap Up & Call to Action

The SouthLabs Team built a really excellent product, and we are happy to have them join the Infragistics team, so please join me in welcoming them onboard.  Keep an eye on the Infragistics blogs and SharePlus blogs for continued product information.

So now that you have the whole story around SharePlus, the next step is to try out SharePlus!

Download SharePlus from iTunes

Learn more at

If you have any questions or I left anything out, please comment on this post or shoot me an email at