Showcase Control Samples for WPF, Silverlight & Windows Phone 7

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Showcase samples are designed and developed to help inspire what is possible with the NetAdvantage controls.  We’ve been shipping these inspirational samples more recently for the XAML products, you may have seen the Finance Stocks Dashboard, Hospital, Earthquake Explorer, YouTube Media Timeline, Auto Dashboard, Airline Seating and World Stats examples.  If you haven’t I would highly recommend you check them out.

Some of the new examples we’ve posted continue to demonstrate what is possible with the controls – real world examples that use real data to show real scenarios.  Here is what we’ve added, you can download the code and read the how-to blogs for each one of these samples:

Sample Name Description
 Windows Phone 7 sample that uses charts and other data visualization controls to track stocks and financial information for your favorite companies

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 A WPF sample of a real world Equity Trading platform.  The main navigation uses the Tile Manager control, and supporting sections are using Grid, Chart and many other WPF controls.

This app installs with the WPF product, which you can download here.

A Silverlight RIA Services example using the Ribbon, Grid, Pivot Grid, Charting and more.

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Kiril posted another blog on this sample, which talks more to the use cases and scenarios.  Check that out here.


 Silverlight Pivot Grid + Motion Framework equals a slick, interactive user experience for data mining and data exploration. 

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 A Silverlight prototype of a new geospatial mapping concept we have which uses several controls to visualize and track worldwide earthquake data.

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I hope you enjoy these samples as much as we did putting them together!  If you have any suggestions or ideas for new showcase sample applications, shoot me an email at or leave comment on the blog.