WPF xamChart Public CTP Available Today

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am pleased to unleash our latest data visualization control to the world today – the WPF xamChart. Built entirely from scratch for .NET 3.0 and WPF, the new chart gives the WPF experience that you really cannot get in a traditional Windows Forms scenario. With animations, over 25 2D & 3D chart types, high quality 3D rendering with Windows Vista, as well as full XAML support, we think you will be pleased with this CTP, and we look forward to getting as much feedback as possible as you test it out.

Features Browser

The features browser has all of the samples and code right in the browser, so you can view the XAML and the C# code that was used to create the samples. All of the samples in the video I mentioned above are in the features browser as well as more 2D & 3D samples, along with samples on binding to XML, Collections, Objects and Datasets.

 xamChart XAML Source View

A couple notes extra notes

· This CTP download is a simple ZIP file. You can unzip it anywhere on your machine and either run the project or run the samples browser from the shortcut in the root of the zip.

· The CTP will expire 12/31/2007

· This is not a supported product yet, so make sure you use the forums for questions. We will be active on them.