Microsoft's Patterns and Practices Prism Change of Ownership

Marissa McCorkel / Thursday, March 19, 2015

     Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team announced today that they are about to undergo a change. In the past, the team has focused on creating and giving guidance on most major Microsoft platforms. Today however, the team has announced that they have decided to focus primarily on Microsoft’s Azure, which is their cloud platform. Although the team is essentially “narrowing” their focus, they believe that in actuality that they are expanding their focus for they will now be looking at different platforms, languages, and technologies which they were not working with previously. While the team’s overall focus is shifting away from its major platforms, specifically Prism in regards to this article, clients and developers should not fear that there will no longer be support for their projects.

     So who exactly will be driving the Prism-based client work that the Patterns and Practices team has been focusing on for years? Patterns and Practices will be handing over ownership of their Prism projects and frameworks to three individuals whom they refer to as “passionate and dedicated” community members. One of these three individuals who will be taking ownership of the Prism framework is Brian Lagunas, a member of our team here at Infragistics. Brian is currently a Product Manager for Infragistics’ award winning XAML product line as well as a Microsoft MVP, a Microsoft Patterns & Practices Champion, author, speaker, and original creator of the Extended WPF Toolkit. Brian’s involvement with Patterns and Practices began with Prism 2, and he later became a valued member of the Prism Advisory Board.  Brian’s years of experience and commitment to the Prism project has led him to speak as an expert about Prism at different events and conferences around the world, as well as provide personal training on Prism and author courses on Prism for Pluralsight.

     In addition to Brian’s expertise in Prism, the two other accomplished individuals who will be taking ownership with him are Ariel Ben-Horesh and Brian Noyes. Both Ben-Horesh and Noyes have been a part of Prism from the start, and have seen much success in their time as team members from contributing directly to the design and implementation of Prism to building several Prism-based applications that can be found in the Windows Store. Between the expertise, experience and passion of these three individuals, there is no need to fret the change of ownership. While Microsoft will not be developing future releases of Prism, Patterns and Practices expect a strong continuity for the projects due to the significant contributions that the new owners have been making since the beginning. More information on the change of ownership, specifically in regards to Prism, can be found here on Brian Lagunas’ blog, as well as here on Microsoft’s official announcement. Congratulations to Brian, as well as the other two new owners of the Prism frameworks!   

New Owners

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