Blend the best of both PC and tablets with Windows UI tools

DevToolsGuy / Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Employees are no longer restricted to being productive only within the confines of an office setting. The corporate work environment functions by using a mixture of all types of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Although there are several operating systems available, Windows remains the top choice for businesses and workers who want to complete tasks anywhere, regardless of location.

Firms supporting Windows-based computing devices should consider utilizing tools such as our Windows UI controls to develop highly visual applications to support corporate goals. Such solutions help users handle large amounts of data and display this information in a customizable fashion that works for the exact needs of the business.

Windows UI tools thrive in visually showcasing data interactively, supporting all types of mission-critical tasks, including financial charting, along with scientific and business functions. Users can take full advantage of the solution's data chart capabilities, which handle data feeds that process more than tens of thousands of data points every few milliseconds.

With Windows 8, Microsoft developed an operating system designed to support touch-based gestures. However, a mouse and keyboard are still useful for employees who are focused on productivity. Both models however, are ideal in a corporate setting, and our Windows UI tools allow users to create such controls without writing separate code for mouse and touchscreen inputs.

It goes without saying that the corporate landscape will always undergo new trends as technology advances. Today, staff members are clearly embracing the possibilities of using both PCs and tablets to collaborate with colleagues, access work-related content and complete projects. Whether employees are stationary at their desks using PCs or in the field with Windows tablets, firms can support their data-intensive needs with innovative solutions like NetAdvantage for Windows UI