Using TestAdvantage in the New UFT 12 Testing Environment

DevToolsGuy / Monday, October 20, 2014

Recently there have been some questions around being able to use Infragistics older TestAdvantage products in the new UFT 12 testing environment. Here are the facts: TestAdvantage (11.1) can be installed and connected to your new UFT 12 testing framework. As long as you have UFT 12 and (if any) UFT patches, you’re good to go.

Just so you’re clear, you have to meet the following criteria to get it to work:

  • You have a working installation of UFT 12 with any and all updates;
  • You have an installed instance of TestAdvantage (in your case 11.1);
  • You wire UFT up with TestAdvantage (through our utility app that is installed in your start menu – essentially updating the SWF config XML file with the TestAdvantage Assemblies / dlls);
  • You proceed to run your tests as you have before.

So there you have it!

And if you’re wondering about UFT in comparison to QTP (or if HP did a complete rewrite), wonder no more. We’ve learned that HP did change the name of the product and made some updates:

  • changes and additions to the web application testing portion of the testing system;
  • changes to support the newer .NET CLR versions; and
  • updates to its injection system.

However, the main testing engine components are still the same. The loading, referencing, and configuration modules are essentially the same – still QTP under the hood.

In addition to this, we will continue to test our software to make sure it works in the newer UFT versions so have no fear. And if you encounter any issues with this during your technology migration effort, you can always contact us for help.