What's New in IG TestAutomation 2015.1

Michael Germann / Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The primary focus for Infragistics Test Automation is to offer you peace of mind. Such that when you develop with our controls, your teams can seamlessly implement automated testing of the user interface (UI) to confidently produce higher-quality releases. IG Test Automation, currently supports our Windows Forms controls via HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and IBM’s Rational Functional Tester (RFT).  We also support our WPF controls via HP’s UFT.

As IG Test Automation’s purpose is to automate tests of the UI of applications using IG controls, this what’s new will start off with the new controls. I will follow with changes in existing controls that had changes that would affect how the UI behaved, lastly I’ll list any bug fixes that were implemented this cycle.

New Infragistics Controls


IG WPF’s XamTreeGrid

The xamTreeGrid control is the latest addition to the Data Presenter family of controls. It arranges data in a tree grid layout. Essentially the control is a xamDataPresenter that implements a single view (a tree view) which cannot by dynamically switched.

 XamTreeGrid Example



IG Controls with UI-Altering Improvements


More Right to Left Support in Windows Forms

We started in 14.1 introducing Right to Left support in our of our editor controls. In 15.1 we expanded our right to left support to our UltraExplorerBar.

IG Windows Forms' User Voice Requested Features

We regularly turn feedback and requests from our customers, and turn it into features. This release was no different. There were a number of features from our user voice implemented in our controls this release. Below are those features that had IG TestAutomation had to specifically implement for. Have an idea for one of our products, submit it through User Voice here

  • Print Preview Dialog, Select Printer button
  • UltraGrid ColumnChooser, Select multiple columns at once

IG WPF's XamSpreadsheet Improvements

While there were several improvement’s to the XamSpreadsheet, including modifying the user functionality when workbook and worksheet protection is enabled. It was the addition of underline and hyperlink support that affected the UI. Via key commands of changing the underline format of the cell, or clicking on and activating the hyperlink of a cell.

New Bug Fixes in 2015.1

TA Product



Win Forms for HP


Trial Period Expires occurs during record or replay against CLR 2 assemblies with UFT, Windows 7 64-bit

Win Forms for IBM


RFT does not record properly against deeply nested ExplorerBar

WPF for HP


Controls added directly to the XamDockManager, instead of via a ContentPane were not recognized.

WPF for HP


Accessing the second filtered record throws out of index runtime error

WPF for HP


The filtering window is not recognized when Excel Style Record Filtering of th XamDataGrid is activated

WPF for HP


The field chooser of the XamPivoGrid is not recognized


Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation for HP 15.1

Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation WPF for HP 15.1

Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation for IBM RFT 15.1

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