What's New in IG TestAutomation 2015.2

Michael Germann / Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The primary focus for Infragistics Test Automation is to offer you peace of mind. Such that when you develop with our controls, your teams can seamlessly implement automated testing of the user interface (UI) to confidently produce higher-quality releases. IG Test Automation, currently supports our Windows Forms controls via HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and IBM’s Rational Functional Tester (RFT).  We also support our WPF controls via HP’s UFT.

As IG Test Automation’s purpose is to automate tests of the UI of applications using IG controls, this what’s new will start off with the new controls. I will follow with changes in existing controls that had changes that would affect how the UI behaved, lastly I’ll list any bug fixes that were implemented this cycle.

IG Controls with UI-Altering Improvements

Toolbars Manager

New to the ToolbarsManager is Notification Badges, which allows you to call attention to specific events on tools. In addition to support this feature further as well as ToolbarManager as a whole, we've extended the GetNAProperty style methods to work on Tools. Using the same identifier you would use to interact with the tool, you can get and set the properties on the instance of the tool.
15.2 UltraToolbarsManager - Badge Notifications 


There were a number of new feature improvements to the XamDataGrid, and all of the XamDataPresenterBase controls. Including but not limited to, ExcelStyle Filtering. Conditional based CellTemplates, and support for INotifyDataErrorInfo, allowing you to build custom data validation into the XamDataGrid. All of which are supported in IG TestAutomation for WPF. 

15.2 XamDataGrid, ExcelStyleFiltering DataValidation 


Similarly the XamSpreadsheet, not to be left out, also supports data validation based on rules set on the worksheet's cells.


The XamBusyIndicator is a new content control allowing for your developer to give a clean UI facing to those long waits for loading data. Likewise IG TestAutomation extends that and allows you to test the state to make sure it's done loading. 

15.2 XamSpreadsheet DataValidation, XamBusyIndicator

IG Test Automation improvements

Update and re-release of legacy TestAdvantage for HP installers

Our default support policy is one year. Which often that is enough time to find and resolve any issues that may arise between our controls and the TestAdvantage proxies. But over the years there have been changes related to the release of new operating systems and architecture changes that either required manual installation of the product. Or in one case a patch in QuickTest Professional caused any keyboard based for actions to seize up during replay. Specifically the issues resolved were:

TA Version


2008.2 and earlier

In QTP 9.5 there was a patch and QTP 10 and later in release there was a change in the how QTP internally sent strings to the AUT, that we used, that caused all the actions that used that method to seize upon calling it. 

2009.1 and earlier

With the changes in how Windows stored keys in the registry for x64 based machines. The registry locations our installers were expecting changed. 

2009.1 and earlier

With the release of QTP 9.5 HP changed the installation location of QTP.

All versions

Added opt-in metrics collection, which essentially collects OS information, TA versions, and QTP\UFT version info so that we can better assess support needs.

2010.2 and earlier

Added check to make sure QTP\UFT was run once before installing TA. This is because QTP\UFT on first run over-writes our registry additions to their namespace on first run. 


Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation for HP 15.2

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