What's New in IG TestAutomation 2016.1

Michael Germann / Friday, May 13, 2016

The primary focus for Infragistics Test Automation is to offer you peace of mind. Such that when you develop with our controls, your teams can seamlessly implement automated testing of the user interface (UI) to confidently produce higher-quality releases. IG Test Automation, currently supports our Windows Forms controls via HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and IBM’s Rational Functional Tester (RFT).  We also support our WPF controls via HP’s UFT.

As IG Test Automation’s purpose is to automate tests of the UI of applications using IG controls, this what’s new will start off with the new controls and I will follow with changes in existing controls that had changes that would affect how the UI behaved. 


New Controls supported by IG TestAutomation


By far the most requested item on our Product Ideas page, this new chart is perfect for those scenarios where you need to visualize price volatility plots in the financial services industry, instrument measurement, and equipment testing, process simulation, modeling, and monitoring applications.




 New to Infragistics 2016.1 is a fully-featured spreadsheet control, which allows for the visualizing and editing of spreadsheet data, represented by the data model supported by the Infragistics Excel Engine. Currently only supported in HP's UFT.




IG Controls with UI-Altering Improvements


The UltraWinGrid has several new features this release, two of note that required additional support for IG TestAutomation are :

Collapsible Column Groups

 The UltraGridGroups collection supports ExpansionIndicators, allowing the user to hide all columns assigned to them. This improves the readability of your grid by allowing users to quickly prioritize information most relevant to them.

UltraGrid's Collapsible Column Groups


Collapsible Child Bands

 The UltraGrid supports BandExpansionIndicators at the header of each child band, allowing for collapse/expand funcitonality on each individual child band. This improves ease of navigation between sibling bands with large data sets and reduces information clutter on the UI.

UltraGrid's Collapsible Child Bands

xamTabControl Tab Dragging

As of 16.1, if you’re using the xamTabControl, you can now reorder tab items by clicking and dragging a tab item with your mouse to a new position. To enable this feature, simply set the TabDragMode property to the desired behavior.

xamTabControl, dragging Tabs


Collapsible Column Groups

Hey didn't I just read about this feature? Yup, what seemed like a good idea for Windows Forms, we decided to add it to our xamGrids too.

 xamDataGrid Grouped Fields

Field Moving

While not necessarily new to 16.1 controls as a feature, it is new to 16.1 IG TestAutomation as a recordable action. Previously it was only possible to move fields by using SetNAProperty.

More Right to Left Support in Windows Forms

We started in 14.1 introducing Right to Left support in our of our editor controls. In 16.1 we expanded our right to left support to our UltraTab and UltraTabStrip controls.


Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation for HP 16.1

Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation WPF for HP 16.1

Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation for IBM RFT 16.1

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