What’s New in IG Test Automation 2014.1

Michael Germann / Monday, June 2, 2014

The primary focus for Infragistics Test Automation is to offer you peace of mind. Such that when you develop with our controls, your teams can seamlessly implement automated testing of the user interface (UI) to confidently produce higher-quality releases. IG Test Automation, currently supports our Windows Forms controls via HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and IBM’s Rational Functional Tester (RFT).  We also support our WPF controls via HP’s UFT.

As IG Test Automation’s purpose is to automate tests of the UI of applications using IG controls, this what’s new will start off with the new controls, it should be noted that CTP controls are typically not supported until full release. I will follow with changes in existing controls that had changes that would affect how the UI behaved, then I will list any improvements to IG Test Automation that is not dependant upon the controls, lastly I’ll list any bug fixes that were implemented this cycle.


New Infragistics Controls

IG Windows Form’s UltraPivotGrid

The UltraPivotGrid allows you to embed Microsoft Excel styled PivotTables directly into your application. Giving your end users access to sophisticated analytics and reporting functionality.


IG WPF’s XamRadialMenu

The radial menu is a circular menu that provides a fast navigation for users. This control was inspired by Microsoft’s OneNote MX 2013 radial menu. This kind of menu is useful and convenient for touch devices.



IG Control’s with UI altering Improvements

IG Windows Form’s Editors

New to the IG Editor’s was right to left support. The following control’s now support right to left.

  • UltraCalculator
  • UltraCalculatorDropDown
  • UltraCheckEditor
  • UltraColorPicker
  • UltraComboEditor
  • UltraCurrencyEditor
  • UltraDateTimeEditor
  • UltraNumericEditor
  • UltraOptionSet
  • UltraTextEditor
  • UltraCombo
  • UltraDropDownButton

IG Windows Form’s UltraTab

New to the UltraTab was a New Tab button to emulate the behavior of most modern tab-based web browsers. When the user clicks the button a new tab is added to the control.

IG Window’s Form’s UltraToolbarsManager Ribbon

New the Ribbon is the ability to let the developer change the display behavior of the Ribbon’s Tab item area. When all the commands are grouped on a single tab, there is a lot of application space that is unnecessarily reserved to display a single tab item It allows the developer to hit the tab items (in red) or the entire tab area (in blue) to regain the space.

  UltraToolbars Manager, Tab Item Visibility

IG WPF’s XamDataGrid

While there were several improvement’s to the XamDataGrid, including adding a SelectedItems property, which returns the underlying data item’s that are selected, and row numbering, it was the changes to filtering that affected the UI. Specifically there were two new operands added to the filtering menu, In, and NotIn.  As well as allowing the developer to change how filtering affects the UI. By default it hides the filtered out rows, new this release is the ability to dim the filtered out rows.

IG WPF’s XamComboEditor

While there wasn’t really new changes to the UI for the XamComboEditor. There were several properties added to the control, SelectedValue and SelectedValues, that we felt should be offered as testable properties.

IG WPF’s XamRibbon

New to the XamRibbon this release was the an emulation of the Office 2013 style file menu.

Office 2013 styled XamRibbon

Also new is a new Tab Item toolbar area (in red).

XamRibbon, TabItem toolbar area

IG Test Automation improvements

Japanese Localization

Both versions of IG Test Automation for Window’s Forms, have a Japanese localized version.


New Bug Fixes in 2014.1


TA Product



Win Forms for HP


Changing settings for "WinCalendarCombo" has no effect

Win Forms for HP

Settings Utility

WinCalendarCombo setting is duplicated in Settings Utility

Win Forms for HP


InvalidCastException occurs when recording against custom RibbonGroup

Win Forms for HP


Syntax error with CustomizeContextMenu method

Win Forms for IBM


Cannot record on DropDown list off a ComboEditor when there is an item with no displaytext or datavalue among the ValueListItems list