Access OneDrive for Business through SharePlus

Mobile Man / Thursday, April 7, 2016

If you’re a SharePoint user, then OneDrive for Business is the cloud storage service for you. It's not to be confused with OneDrive, its sister cloud service. While OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, offers cloud storage, OneDrive for Business offers a perfect and secure collaboration experience, is integrated with both SharePoint and Office 365, and is also accessible within SharePlus. In addition, you now get 1 TB of space in OneDrive for Business if you have an active Office 365 Pro license. Why should you consider accessing OneDrive for Business from within SharePlus?

Just like SharePoint content, you can access OneDrive for Business files offline in SharePlus – both in iOS and Android!

Because of its integration with SharePoint, SharePlus allows you to keep your OneDrive for Business files both online and offline. You can now continue working with your OneDrive content even when you don’t have connectivity, similarly to the way you work offline with SharePoint portals!

The multiple-document previewer in SharePlus iOS lets you work fast and organized

Ever felt the need to review multiple documents to find the one you're looking for? On a mobile device, that's close to impossible. Well, look no further! With SharePlus, you can tap the required documents and see a clean, responsive, in-app preview of several documents at once.

But that’s not all....

For our Enterprise users, that's not all. If you have the SharePlus Social feature enabled, you won't even need to configure OneDrive for Business! Upon going to the Documents tab, you will find your personal OneDrive for Business already configured.

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