Easily Edit Documents with Office on Your Device - Offline and Online

Mobile Man / Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Even though a laptop-killing tablet hasn’t yet emerged, the way has started to be paved for smart technology to become the PCs of the future. But as great as these devices are, the integration between applications isn’t anywhere near laptops. And it is well known that responsive, integrated applications result in positive user experiences. Given SharePoint’s dominance in the Enterprise field, there’s been a real need to configure it for devices and allow on-the-go editing. SharePlus from Infragistics responds to this need.

With editing on the go increasingly becoming the norm, you will need to decide on a platform to modify documents and balance your needs against what the application offers and what works for you.

Why you should use Office to edit in SharePlus

SharePlus is a unique platform which offers users access to their company’s intranet SharePoint solution using iOS and Android devices. While it offers a native previewer to display your documents, SharePlus does rely on 3rd party applications to edit them. You will be able to use all applications provided that they support incoming and outgoing “Open In”; meaning you are able to open the document in a different application after having modified it. There are several applications that offer this; namely, Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Apple’s Productivity Apps, and more.

Having said that, there are a number of reasons why Office should be your go-to suite with SharePlus:

It updates your documents directly into SharePoint

Office has a very strong integration with a wide variety of storing options. When interacting with SharePoint and SharePlus, Office is the only application which offers auto-saving and sends your updates directly into the SharePoint server.

You do not need to create any additional accounts

Other applications are tied to an account for editing and sharing; examples include Apple’s Productivity Apps (formerly known as iWork), which require an iCloud account, and Google Docs, which require a Google account. Office for iPad will ask you for your already-existing SharePoint credentials to access the document, and, as mentioned before, will then change it directly on the server and automatically update it into SharePlus.

It’s FREE!

The free version of Office has all editing and desktop features available for you, while most others only offer those in paid versions. While iWork offers the features only in the paid version, applications like Google Docs offer all features for free but they do not, however, upload the documents directly to the server.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

It might be an old saying, but Da Vinci’s principle continues to hold true and can be easily applied to the modern workplace. In an increasingly speedy business environment where agility, mobility and responsiveness are must-have qualities, you cannot be worrying about how many taps or swipes it will take you to modify a document.

There are so many cases where it may be vital to react fast and modify a document on the road. For example, what if a customer wants to see their ideas incorporated right now in the presentation you’re giving? Or maybe you need to add that last-minute sale to your neatly-tracked sheet?

SharePlus (and its integration with Office) offers a fast solution to these scenarios. Collaboration, teamwork and innovation are key elements in your daily life that SharePlus will help you with: Easy. Convenient. And just one tap away.

SharePlus - Your Mobile SharePoint Solution