Limited Time Offer: Get a Free Custom Mobile SharePoint Workspace in 30 Days or Less and Realize ROI

Mobile Man / Monday, April 4, 2016

Your current SharePoint investment is already helping your organization collaborate and become more efficient. But do you realize SharePoint’s ROI when it comes to mobility?

With the latest release of SharePlus, the premier mobile SharePoint and collaboration solution, we’ve empowered enterprise teams to become even more efficient! With Custom Mobile Workspaces to give you a tailored experience, SharePlus enables teams to access content from multiple file sources on premise or in the Cloud from Sharepoint, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Google Drive and Network Drives.

Limited Time Offer: Realize ROI in 30 Days or Less

To help companies put themselves on the fast track to enable their modern workforce, Infragistics is offering businesses a free Custom Mobile Workspace that will have your team up and running in 30 days. Find out more about this offer.

What is a Custom Mobile Workspace? Custom Mobile Workspaces provide teams with a focused mobile SharePoint environment tailored to their needs or specific job roles. You can have everything you need from SharePoint, including data visualizations, in one mobile location with personalized and central access online or off.

SharePlus’ Custom Mobile Workspaces help you:

  • Stay connected and securely collaborate anywhere in the world.
  • Adapt SharePlus to your mobile workstyle.
  • Add rich data visualizations for over 20 data sources.
  • Keep content secure on the go with Enterprise security configurations.

Transform the Way You Work  

Take a look at some of our Mobile Workspace Solutions for a deeper dive:


Faculty, students and alumni need to connect with each other and to the information and resources vital to the education process. Providing everyone with focused mobile workspaces available anywhere helps grow and engage a school’s community:

Figure 1 Sample Custom Mobile Workspace for Education


Leaders can make better informed decisions when they have a single secure portal on their mobile device to share and collaborate with access to all of their data:

Figure 2 Sample Custom Mobile Workspace for Executives

Field Service Operations

Perfection at a job site happens when a team has the full spectrum view of equipment maintenance records, access to related issues, and documentation, like in this example:

Figure 3 Sample Custom Mobile Workspace for Field Services

Professional Services

Service professionals need 24/7 secure access to project specific content on the go. By extending SharePoint to a custom workspace on their mobile devices, they can stay compliant and limit risk when managing projects and client engagements every day, remotely or onsite:

Figure 4 Sample Custom Mobile Workspace for Professional Services


From prospect-to-lead to a closed deal, mobile sales teams need access to valuable customer data and key resources on the go. Mobile access to SharePoint makes it possible for sales reps to win deals anywhere, anytime:

Figure 5 Sample Custom Mobile Workspace for Sales

Which is the most in-demand use case of your mobile workforce?

Whatever your needs might be, see them come to life with SharePlus. See if you qualify for a  Free Custom Mobile SharePoint Workspace by calling 1.800.231.8588 today or emailing us at - we look forward to hearing from you soon!