ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release

Mobile Man / Thursday, February 16, 2017

ReportPlus Desktop Version is here with feature enhancements, fixes and new SDK localization services too:


  • Calculated fields editor functional improvements
  • SharePoint enterprise repository performance improvements
  • Added drilling support the Treemap view
  • Move dashboards and folders support
  • Implemented Change Visualization Type in View Mode option
  • Added SDK Localization Service
  • Ad-hoc Hierarchies support
  • Grid view styling improvements
  • Tooltips styling improvements
  • Application samples update

Fixed issues:

  • Tabular data number fields type is now correctly inferred when non-English region format settings are used
  • A large set of MIME types for CSV files is now supported, so that web resources are correctly loaded
  • Dashboards synchronization is now successful when a newly created folder is uploaded to the enterprise repository
  • SharePoint document library files are now shown in the data source metadata browser
  • Fixed incorrect items creation/update permissions being assigned to a user for the Enterprise repository root folder
  • Adding a global filter now immediately filters XMLA data
  • A “move” option is added for SharePoint dashboards repository
  • The items in the XMLA global filter for month date-time level are now sorted in the correct order
  • Multi-level hierarchies can now be expanded in XMLA global filter editor
  • Fixed dashboards synchronization issues after a shared item is removed from your view
  • Users with perpetual license can now successfully sign in the ReportPlus Desktop application
  • Dynamic global filter items with XMLA data source are now properly pre-filtered
  • Unselecting a measure item in XMLA global filter editor’s "With Data For Measure" section is now possible
  • An empty item is no longer added to a local filter's values list
  • Fixed date time field format settings previously not valid for Japanese
  • Treemap view tooltips no longer remain visible when they should disappear
  • It is now not possible to maximize widgets while in dashboard edit mode
  • Addressed an inconsistency in fixed columns behavior between XMLA and tabular data grid
  • Grid View / Chart View toggle button is now displayed only when applicable
  • Fixed an issue with chart markers not being shown for a step line chart in certain cases
  • The “IF({if-condition},{value if true},{value if false})” expression is now correctly evaluated when its two value arguments are of different type
  • Calculated field editor's type is now successfully changed when the field data type's changed by the expression result
  • It is now possible to export a dashboard to PDF/PPT even if you have not specified a logo image
  • A Save prompt is now displayed when a widget title is changed and then "Done" is selected
  • Addressed an issue with calculated field filter values not being correctly populated for non-argument functions
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect Value Column value being displayed in the Treemap view settings panel
  • Link to dashboard now works for the Treemap view
  • XMLA global filter "With Data For Measure" option’s visibility is now visible only when the IsDynamic option is checked
  • Header area is no longer visible when exporting a dashboard/widget as an image
  • XMLA fields' tooltip now provide more information on the item's origin
  • The ReportPlusViewer component is now available in Visual Studio's toolbox

We hope you’ll enjoy our latest release!