SharePlus Meets Dropbox – Seamless and Unified Mobile Access to Your Information

Mobile Man / Monday, March 21, 2016

In addition to SharePoint, on-premises or in the cloud, SharePlus now allows you to access additional storage services, like Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, and Google Drive from your mobile device. Plus, you can access Network Drives (Windows File Share) shared by your colleagues.

Dropbox, one of the most popular cloud storage services is now supported within SharePlus. Why is Dropbox a big deal? There are many reasons, so let’s just mention two: simplicity and a device-agnostic approach. Sounds familiar, right? SharePlus shares the same principles for the sake of good and consistent user experience: SharePlus iOS users find themselves comfortable and familiar with the Android app and vice-versa.

Dropbox Business & SharePlus Enterprise: it’s a match!

With Dropbox Business, Enterprises can take advantage of secure file sharing, administration features, and some collaboration features. Any company taking advantage of Dropbox and using SharePoint will definitely find the integration between SharePlus and Dropbox useful. SharePlus Enterprise provides premium features required by power users, project managers, and IT administrators, successfully meeting the needs of small and large companies alike.

Your Dropbox content now in SharePlus

With SharePlus for iOS’ native previewer, you can take a quick look at any type of file from Dropbox, including Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, and images. When working with PDF files, SharePlus for iOS provides a PDF annotation suite that lets you annotate PDF documents and fill in PDF forms within the app.

When it comes to document, PDF, image or other editing, SharePlus’ smooth integration with third-party apps gives you total flexibility. In the iOS platform, any app that supports incoming and outgoing Open In will do the trick. Just pick the editing app you are most comfortable with or the one allowed by your Enterprise security policies. SharePlus for Enterprise adds many security layers, including app-specific restrictions and feature trimming.

Android users share the same flexibility: once you tap over a file, you can choose to edit it with the help of your preferred editing app on your Android device.

Productivity is not just about doing more

It is about creating more impact with less work. It has always paid to be productive, but nowadays it does more than ever. SharePlus allows you to achieve more with its Dropbox Business integration. You can take advantage of enterprise security and administration features while continuing to work with all your files at your convenience. With SharePlus you can not only mobilize your SharePoint investment, but also enable teams to access content from multiple file sources on premise or in the Cloud.

If you’re interested in learning more about how SharePlus can work with your Dropbox Business account, try out the Free 30-Day SharePlus Enteprise Demo here!