What’s New in SharePlus: Simplified Creation of Data Visualizations

Mobile Man / Thursday, February 16, 2017

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new version of SharePlus for iOS with a focus on simplified creation of data visualizations. As businesses race to become digital and keep work flowing anywhere, using data insights to make smarter decisions is more critical than ever before. Aware of the key role of self-service business intelligence (BI), we've significantly reduced the steps needed to create BI dashboards, making it even easier for you to directly visualize data from any spreadsheet or SharePoint list in SharePlus.

Get Actionable Answers from Your Spreadsheets — Fast

The new update will allow anyone in your organization to visualize the metrics that matter most to them in one place within the SharePlus app regardless of where data is kept (SharePoint, Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.). Data insights are now one tap away: create a visualization directly from within an open spreadsheet, from the 'Actions' menu of a data file or from the SharePlus home screen.

A familiar drag-and-drop interface guides you through the choice of grids, line charts, pie charts, histogram-like analyses, maps and more. Make sense of data sets of all sizes, realize trends and clearly inform your decision-making process to advance your business.

Figure 1: Creating data visualizations with SharePlus

Better Decisions with Data: Examples

Today’s workers need to be able to work wherever they are. With access to documents, data, and workflows within one secure native mobile app, it becomes much easier to make the right business decisions.

Financial Managers, for example, need to track and understand all key performance indicators at any moment. Spotting trends and opportunities in real time is possible only when you have the tools to quickly visualize the spreadsheets you’ve received from your team while you were away. Once you’ve created a data visualization based on a spreadsheet in SharePlus, like the one shown in Figure 2, the visualization automatically updates itself whenever someone edits the source spreadsheet.

Figure 2: A Financial Performance dashboard, created with SharePlus’ data visualization capabilities

Executive leaders also face challenges with their mobile — and often geographically dispersed —Board of Directors and leadership teams. Often, a simple data visualization presented at the right time is enough to help leaders steer the wheel in the right direction. In Figure 3, a simple doughnut chart shows them the company’s Services division is a key revenue generator, while the Software one may require investments to have its growth accelerated.

Figure 3: A Doughnut Chart of Sales by Product

Mobile sales teams are another common use case. They rely on SharePlus to work on and share important documents such as customer presentations and proposals, to manage tasks and client meetings. But they also understand the benefits of using data visualizations. The below sales rep, for example, might want to analyze why their pipeline performance has dropped almost twice within a period of one year:

Figure 4: Pipeline Performance of a Sales Rep

Based on the above (and many others) SharePlus use-cases we’ve observed, we’re certain that the new simplified data visualizations in SharePlus will enable your team to make smarter decisions and achieve better results.

SharePlus is the premier mobile collaboration and productivity application for Microsoft SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 – now available with the simplified creation of data visualizations. Try SharePlus Enterprise for iOS free for 30 days here.