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Mobile Man / Monday, June 8, 2015

We’ve been working hard to make it easier to design beautiful dashboards in ReportPlus, and we’re excited to tell you that this newest release of ReportPlus introduces completely redesigned visualizations for ReportPlus on iOS and Android!

Completely Redesigned Dashboards

In this release, we set out with two goals in mind. The first was to improve the overall design of the dashboards created in ReportPlus and the second was to make the experience of creating a beautiful dashboard incredibly easy. We feel that we’ve made huge strides in reaching those goals in this release.

In previous versions of ReportPlus, it was a little challenging and time consuming to create a great looking dashboard. Now with just a few taps you can apply an eye-popping design to your dashboards, leaving more time for the important things like creating and sharing dashboards with your team.

Themes, Themes, and More Themes

We’ve designed over 15 new themes that can be applied to any dashboard instantly with pre-selected color palettes chosen by our talented designers. You don’t have to waste time choosing each individual color, you simply select a theme and the design of your dashboard is instantly updated. We’ve used our knowledge in designing effective dashboards and have chosen themes and colors that help you clearly convey a story with your data. This way you can focus on your data and the insights you are trying to uncover.

In the app, in order to change the theme on a dashboard, click on “edit” when viewing a dashboard and then click on the “paint brush” icon to see the full list of themes available.

Choosing a Start Color for a Specific Widget

Each theme comes with an 8 color palettes chosen by our expert designers. By editing a widget, you can choose which color is the primary color of that specific visualization. For example, in our “traffic lights” theme in which the primary colors are green, yellow, and red, you can choose the order of the colors to ensure you are conveying the proper message with your data.

ReportPlus for Android

Back in April we released the first version of ReportPlus for Android devices and with this new release we will be including our new dashboard themes. If you are already a Pro subscriber on the iOS version, you can access your dashboards on your Android device at no additional cost. 

Now you can have practically your entire team sharing insights around their data whenever and wherever they are.  Currently, our Android app allows users to view dashboards created on iOS devices, so that your whole organization can see what’s going on in your business. This is an increasingly mobile world and we’ve got your mobile BI needs covered.  

In addition to adding themes to ReportPlus for Android, we have also added:

  • Support for Dropbox as a data source;
  • Improved support for SSAS Quick (local) filters;
  • Usability improvements;
  • And an Enterprise WebService that allows you to easily deploy the Enterprise version of ReportPlus directly through the App Store.

What This Means for Existing Users

For existing users, this release changes how your current dashboards are styled. We believe that if you take some time to look at our new themes you will find something that you will love.

Here’s a list of features that are no longer available in this release:

  • Inserting background images or colors.
  • Editing margins and borders.
  • Choosing individuals colors in color palette.
  • Chart Layout Options.

We have removed these features in an effort to simplify the experience of creating dashboards in ReportPlus. We didn’t take this decision lightly and we feel strongly that it’s the right direction for the future of ReportPlus. Our vision for ReportPlus has always been to make it insanely easy to create stunning data visualizations, and this update does exactly that.

A Look into the Future of ReportPlus

Our team is busy working on making ReportPlus the best cross-platform application in the business intelligence industry.  We are actively working on the future releases of ReportPlus for iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop, so that no matter where you are you can connect to your data and gain insights instantly. Stay tuned for more information on these future releases!

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at bmasur@infragistics.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks! 

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