UltraMediaPlayer CAB Walkthrough

Tom Puglisi / Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey everyone,

To help those people that are using Windows Forms and Microsoft CAB, I decided to clean up and update my "Ultra Media Player" Reference application and tell you all about it.

I created a video that walks you through the technical aspects of the application, as well as some aspects of Microsoft CAB (Composite UI Application Block), Infragistics CAB Utility Kit, as well as how you can make an awesome Media Player application using the time proven Infragistics Windows Forms controls ALONG WITH CAB!

Due to quite a few questions on Windows Forms, CAB, and the Infragistics Composite UI Application Block Extension kit, I felt that this reference app and walkthrough would be the best way to communicate things such as:

  • How the Infragistics CAB functionality is set up in the sample app (igFormShellApplication)
  • How Infragistics UI Elements (buttons, menu items, etc) are created in ONE module, then passed off to the SHELL without actually being any references
  • How to create and load Smart Parts into the awesome Infragistics Windows Forms based WorkSpaces such as the DockManager workspace, Tabbed MDI workspace, etc
  • How to use the CAB Event Broker to PUBLISH and SUBSCRIBE to events to update the UI across unreferenced assembly boundaries.
  • I also have an awesome Draw Filter (Infragistics Windows Forms's technique of hijacking the PAINTING of controls to do things YOUR way) that I created to achieve a load-on-demand strategy for accessing media files, extracting a video snapshot and loading it into the Infragistics WinListView control.

Please watch the video and download the sample application (links below). Review the code, comments, and enjoy!

Watch Video Here

Download Sample Application Here