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Upgrade with Infragistics Net Advantage 2004 Volume 2

We have a project develop with "Infragistics Net Advantage 2004 Volume 2" + ".net framework 1.1" + Server 2008R2

Also, we would like to migrate to

Server 2012 R2

.net framework 4.5.1 or later

Does anyone know how to do this, which product version we need without having to reprogram everything?

Many thanks for you kind help.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Edwin,

    Thank you for posting in our Forum.

    For detailed information about the supported environment of Infragistics products, please see the page below.

    Supported Environments

    In terms of the .NET Framework version, Microsoft has already ended support for 4.5.1. So I would recommend using 4.5.2 or later.

    You have not mentioned your project platform yet, but I’m guessing it is either ASP.NET or Windows Forms. If your project uses ASP.NET controls from Net Advantage 2004 Volume 2, those classic controls are no longer included in the recent products. You would need to replace them with new controls manually.

    If you are using our Windows Forms controls and wish to upgrade them to the latest version, first update the .NET Framework version of your project to 4.5.2 or later. Then you can replace the Infragistics DLLs following the steps described in this page.

    Upgrading a Project Manually

    Thank you,
    Mihoko Kamiishi