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Unable to validate key


I have a valid license for 2018.2, and have installed it before. I uninstalled it from the Control Panel, since my project wasn't compiling.

But when I try to install it again, I'm getting the following error: There was an error validating the key: {0} System.ArgumentNullException.

I'm presuming the uninstall was not clean. How can I wipe out all traces of Infragistics, and make a fresh start?



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    Offline posted

    Hello Navya,

    Are you using the Platform Installer (Infragistics_DevTools_20182.exe) for the installation?

    If so, can you please send me the IGPlatformInstall.log file which is automatically created inside the "Log Files" folder? It contains information about the installation, so I can investigate what went wrong. Please archive it and attach it here.


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    Offline posted in reply to Vasil Mihalkov

    Hi Vasil,

    Here is the log. Since I needed to start working, I have installed the trial version, and that has made the log bigger than it should be.

    I had issues compiling my project with Infragistics, whereas my colleagues were able to checkout and build without any other changes. So, I have been trying multiple installs and un-installs. Maybe that left my system in an unstable state.

    Thank you for your help!