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Two simple cuestions regarding iggrids

¡Hello community! I have two simple questions regarding infragistics, I researched quite a lot but couldn't find a solution.

The first one: ¿How can I detect and manipulate the collapsability of rows in a Hierarchical Grid? I would need it to answer to javascript triggers.

The second one: In the child rows, there is an editable column that is a simple checkbox. The thing is that it changes state when clicking anywhere in the cell, I would need it to change only when clicking the checkbox.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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    Hello Marcos,

    After investigating this further, I determined that collapsing and expanding rows in igHierarchicalGrid could be handled with the rowCollapsing and rowExpanding events. Both events could be canceled by returning false:

    rowCollapsing: function(evt, ui){

            return false;


    Additionally, rows could be expanded and collapsed by using the expand and collapse methods:

    var parentGrid = $("#hierarchicalGrid").igHierarchicalGrid("rootWidget");

    var rowDomElement = parentGrid.rowAt(0);

    $("#hierarchicalGrid").igHierarchicalGrid("expand", rowDomElement);

    Furthermore, by setting editorType of a column to checkbox, clicking outside the checkbox does not change its value:


            name: "Updating",

            showDoneCancelButtons: false,

            columnSettings: [


                        columnKey: "Available",

                        editorType: "checkbox",




    Please let me know if you need any further information regarding this matter.

    Monika Kirkova,

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