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Clarifications on Indigo.Design desktop Essential

Hello everyone,

First of all, I really like Indigo Studio ... I hope so see soon the new html5 version (Q4 -

There is 1 thing that is not clear to me.

Right now Indigo.Design desktop is now marketed as a free app for prototyping, but inside the app there are limitations that seems to be available on the Profession Plan (see screenshot) like Screenpart and Stylesheet.

These limitations are not documented/displayed on the pricing page ( )

The only limit refers to "Create reusable UI libraries in the desktop app and share with others" - but this is another thing. Is it?

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    It's great to hear you like our product.

    You can get Indigo.Design desktop in different ways, and one of them is free.

    The pricing page you mentioned shows the features you get with Essential, which is our free version.
    This plan only applies to the desktop version and its limitations include reusable UI libraries (Screenparts), Stylesheets, and Bootstrap.

    The application itself shows which features belong to the paid versions, as your image indicates. Anyway, we'll try and make the list of features on the page more comprehensive.

    Do contact us if you have any more questions or feedback.

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