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Security trimming of sub-sites.

I'm currently evaluating Shareplus for a client across multiple mobile platforms. One of the issues that has arisen is the fact that all SubWebs are listed in the navigation regardless of the users access.

Due to the nature of the work performed by this client, it is important that project sites are only visible to those users with access rights and that the names of the projects not be visible to people without access.

From within the SharePoint UI this is not a problem as the navigation is security trimmed.

Any ideas


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    SharePlus does not override SharePlus security. This means that, at some point, for belonging to a group for example, the users have access.

    Keep in mind that if a site is not visible in SharePoint's UI does not mean they're not accessible. You can verify this by clicking "All Site Content". If the sites the user is not supposed to have access to are there then he does have access and the sites are merely hidden.

    Please try to verify the above and let me know what you find out.

    Best regards.

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