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Tasks in dataview/tabform

I planed to use tasks as checks in a checklist. It worked well on my PC - looking at the task in "Data Sheet view"  

But on the Ipad-Shareplus I am not allowed switch to "Data Sheet view"  , is there no support for that? if not - any suggestions for a workaround? its to much work to open each task in edit mode and set it to completed.

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    Hello Helge,

    You can try creating a new dashboard by tapping the plus button on the top left corner of the app.

    Once there, you will see several template options to use, one of the is "SharePoint Tasks" you can use that template to see the tasks displayed by ReportPlus.

    Bare in mind that ReportPlus only reads the data source, you will not be able to edit the source itself.

    You can always use SharePlus to edit the file being used as source.

    Is there anything else that we can do for you?

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