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Image in FormattedText in UltraGrid Overlays Text When Image is Wrapped

I have an UltraGrid which has columns configured with a style of FormattedTextEditor. The DisplayLayout is also configured with RowSizing = AutoFree and CellMultiLine = True.

An image is embedded in the text using the img tag.


row.Cells[0].Value = "Some Text here <img data= \"{FormattedLinkEditor.EncodeImage("Icon1")}\" Align =\"bottom\" /> more text here."

If the grid column is not wide enough to display the full text and image on a single line it will wrap the text and image to the next line. The wrapping does not work correctly when the image is the last item on that line. In the above example "more text here" is wrapped to the next line, then the image is overlaid on the current line. The image will wrap to the start of the current line overlaying the text in that line. The overlaying will sometimes occur immediately when the grid is rendered, or the column is resized, and will always occur when the cell has mouse over.

Please review the attached sample project, which reproduces the issue, and suggest any resolutions to this issue.
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