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Licensed Version Tells me it is Unlicensed

Here my steps:

1. Existing application with registered version 2016.1 using nuGet-packegaes workes fine.

2. Installed Infragistics_Professional_20162_WithSamplesAndHelp using my new license key.

3. Didn't find the new nuGet packages.

4. Called repair of Infragistics_Professional_20162_WithSamplesAndHelp with checkmark for nuGet packages set.

5. Integrated nuGet packages into my own nuGet repository.

6. Modified my application to use the new nuGet packages.

7. Application shows a small window in the lower right that it is using an unlicensed trial.

8. Called "Update your installed products with a nnew priduct key" with my license key (it was already mentioned in the textbox).

9. Rebooted the PC.

10. Rebuild all of the application.

Still there is this small window in the lower right telling me that I'm using an unlicensed trial.

Can you tell me, what I can do in order to get rid of this window?