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  • UltraChart Axis labels not refreshed until entering/leaving chart


    I've created a UserControl with an UltraChart within. I use custom axis labels, but they are not refreshed to the calculated values until I hover inside the chart and leave it. The chart property LabelHash already have the correct values before displaying…

  • Upgrading to 21.2.46 with .Net 60 -> Problems with UltraPieChart and other charts when binding to DataTable

    Upgrading to 21.2.46 with .Net 60 -> Problems with UltraPieChart and other charts when binding to DataTable

    First can't get the Legend to show up correctly, so I just removed it for now.  

    Has anything changed in the Charts and data binding that…

  • It is posible to draw a graph in Infragistics over windows forms control?

    Hi all, I want to draw a graph in infragistics over windows form control. There is some class in the lib usefull for this purpose. Something similar to the pic I paste here. Best regards?

  • How to get UI status of the Chart?

    i am using ColumnSeries in UltraDataChart.

    Create a Series in one function and call the SaveTo function.
    Sometimes an empty image is created.

    So I want to check the state of the chart control and call a SaveTo function.

    void Test()
  • UltraChart Major Gridlines Not Drawn Accurately for PolarChart Types

    Using Infragistics2.Win.UltraWinChart.v12.1, Version 12.1.20121.1001 in C# .NET 4.6.1.

    I've set up a simple polar chart with a datasource of type System.Windows.Data.DataTable. The DataTable has 2 columns, with column 0 holding the angular values and…

  • Converting UltraChart to UltraDataChart -Annotations and TitleBottom

    Hi, I am trying to convert some UltraCharts to UltraDataCharts, and i am struggling to find how to add the Annotations and TitleBottom that the UltraChart has. The annotations are EllipseAnnotation and BoxAnnotation, and they contain text inside of them…

  • Need guidance on UltraWinChart -> UltraDataChart migration

    Are there any resources (or tools?) available that document/faciliate how to transition from UltraWinChart to UltraDataChart?

    HI there, I've been asked to take over a product that using WinForms/Infragistics 16 and I want to migrate it to Infragistics…

  • What is the best way to create a set of related plots (telemetry) with UltraChart

    I need separate plots for a variable number of time data sets with the same time span. The number, values and units vary and cannot be shown on two or three y axis. The best way to describe the need is plots of univariate telemetry data (time series).

  • Chart Tooltip graphic distortion

    Is there a way to prevent the tooltip on charts from rendering incorrectly?  Whenever I move the mouse over a chart, I see the tooltip appear where I move the mouse, but it doesn't clear until a second or so later.  This leaves a trail of tooltips where…

  • Treating null values

    If I have a Composite Chart with two NumericTimeSeries, but don't have values on all dates for both series, why can't I just graph the values from one point to the next. 

    E.g. if I have the following datatable:

    Date Series 1 Series 2
  • How to structure data for multi-bar column chart with second Y axis

    I currently have a UltraChart set up as a column chart. It is using a DataSource of the following in a BindingList. Note: I was having trouble getting the DateTime in my data to display as HH:mm so I changed that to a string for the chart.

        public class…
  • Ultrachart Column Chart Display Data Values in Legend

    Hello fellows,

    I have a simple Column Chart bind to a simple datatable, with Two columns, 1. DepartmentName 2. Total. Department name has Lables whereas Total has the data. I want to display data value of each bar/ Department along with the Legends.…

  • Which chart control to use?

    I am just finishing up a bar chart using UltraCategoryChart. While researching I discovered that there are other chart controls.

    The post below for example indicates UltraChart and UltraDataChart, which means there are at least 3 chart controls. Which…

  • UltraChart labels - how to?

    I've put together a prototype chart based similar to this:

    However, I can't find any code samples on how to specify the labels shown on the example (see image).…

  • How to show UltraCategoryChart using SQL resultset?

    I am attempting to make my first UltraCategoryChart. I will describe the end result I'd like first. We are comparing quantities for the last three years. So the X axis will be months, January through December. For each month there will be 3 columns grouped…

  • How to customize UltraChart scrollbar?

    Hello, I'm using Infragistics2.Win.UltraWinChart.v10.2 (version 10.2.20102.1004).

    How can I customize scrollbar shown for axis in case of 

    Chart.Axis.X.ScrollScale.Visible = true?

    I see quite many classes and props like ScrollBarSkin, but can't figure…
  • UltraDataChart tooltip mouse over

    Hello Folk,

    We want to add mouse over tooltip in Ultradatachart but could not find "Infragistics.UltraChart.Shared.Styles" dll for reference. Could you please help me out.

    Getting following error "The type or namespace name 'UltraChart' does not…
  • Trying to bind results from stored procedure to Line chart

    I am calling a stored procedure where I pass variable for number of days to report on. 

                With cmd
                    .Connection = sqlcon
                    .CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
                    .CommandText = "dbo.GetAverageResolvedTimeforDashBoard"
  • Two columns layers in UltraWinChart on Y and Y2


    I need a column chart showing two columns; one show percent (0-100), the other count (>1000). Percent should be shown on Y axis and count on Y2 axis. 

    However I am having trouble doing this, it will only show one of the columns. 

    My code looks…

  • Infragistics UltraChart Y-Axis formatting “days : hours : minutes : seconds”

    I had designed  `Line Chart`, as below, 

    Here Y-axis is noting but milliseconds(turn around time), I want to display it like "days:hh:mm:ss" format. Is it possible to display Y- axis lables in this format? The data binding code is as below,


  • Barchart using UltraChart

    Hi, I am new to ultrachart. I am trying to create barchart similar to the one below.

    I am have couple of issues such as

    1. I am unable to add Tittle and subtitle ie using Titletop I can add only one title.

    2. Y-Axis label are not getting displayed completely…

  • Problem with spline chart

    Problem is Spline and Spline Area charts show data where data values are zero

    using version Version : 18.2.20182.175 

    I have verified this with the ChartTypes sample program and assigning a different Data class configured like so: 

    public class DateUse

  • Stacked Column Chart where X axis can be greater than 100% and block's size (%) is provided in the dataset

    Hi, I'm trying to recreate a stacked column chart I created in Excel (attached).

    It shows individuals contribution to team targets against suppliers.  There are 4 members of the team each with different targets against the same supplier.

    In the attached…

  • Chart axis with labels in m (millions) or b (billions)


    I am working with UltraChart and I have large number of values (in billions). Do we have any built-in functionality in chart (scatter chart to be specific) such that it displays axis labels with millions or billion with number instead of showing large…

  • Ultragridchart / Steplinechart - Change the behaviour of the negative and positive edges

    Hello people,

    excuse me if am writing to the wrong place. I am new to this forum.

    I work since a while with infragistics in a project an struggling with ultragridchart now. Since i entered the project 3 month ago while the project startet 5 years ago…