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  • UltraChartsv10.3 stopped working after upgrading C# version from 7.2 to 8.0

    I was using "Infragistics4.Web.v10.3" assemplies (like Infragistics4.WebUI.UltraWebChart.v10.3.dll, Infragistics4.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.v10.3.dll etc.) in my C# based project with C# version 7.2 for displaying Ultra charts which were working fine.…

  • Major and minor tickmarks label in Gantt chart


    I'm plotting Gantt Charts.

    In my use case I want to dynamically set the Format of major tickmarks and minor tickmarks seperatly and also the number of minor ticks between two major tickmarks on X axis.

    Is it possible to implement?

    Thanks in a…

  • set the thickness of bar in gantt chart when vertical scroll is enabled

    I'm using UltraWebChart for plotting Gantt chart

    For y axis I have set the




    using this thickness of each bar is fixed  even if I'm plotting only one Gantt Item.

    But the above…

  • Custom label in tooltip

    I'm using UltraWebChart for plotting gantt charts.

    Is is possible to define a custom label keyword for Tooltip format.
    For example, in tooltip I want to display data that will provide me detailed information about a particular Task timeslot which…
  • User interaction in Gantt charts

    I'm using UltraWebCharts to plot Gantt chart in my Web form.

    1.I want to give user interactions in Gantt chart where user can select a time range on x-axis just like we do in outlook. Is it possible?

    2. Able to give scroll bar on x axis but its not…

  • ultracharts


    I am using igchar:ultrachart, i can generate the chart successfully, but i see than it generates an image in runtime, i want generate the chart in memory i do not really want to generate the image, that is possible?

    Kindly regards.

  • Text on the top of bars is overlapping with other bars in column chart


    I am using Column Chart and using ChartTextAppearance class to display text on the top each bar. But that text is overlapping with other bar in column chart. 

    So, do we have any property available, by using which we can rotate the text. I was thinking…

  • Bar Chart multiple axes

    I need to impliment the graph from the snippet.  Notice the values for the top 2 bars 3,896,897 and 80. The major gridline value seems to be based on both values. How do I achieve this using Bar Chart?

  • How can i position legend manually in my customized column stack chart?

    Hi support team,

    I need to write a chart showing a pair of data group as follows. 

    After looking through QnA, I found codesnippet writing a whole chart.

    But I can't configure the legend in the source code.

    I want to set the legend on the top-left  of the…

  • How to get latest Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebChart

    How to get latest Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebChart and related dll ?

  • Column Chart Color Data

    I am trying to change the color of the top part of a data column in a column chart where the data column does not go to the maximum of the chart's y-axis. Is this possible to do?

    See attached for the example.


  • 3D Pie chart Tool tip appearing far away from chart

    I am using Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebChart.v7.3(old version) in my core ASP.NET 3.5 application. I am creating 3D pie chart dynamically and adding it to the Panel control but on mouse hover facing a issue where tool tip appears far away from the chart…

  • Position labels on ultrachart


    I'm currently struggling with the labels on the x axis of my graph. I want to be able to put the labels between the tickmarks instead of on the tickmarks themselves and put text instead of numbers on the axis.

    I've currently succeeded in replacing…

  • UltraChart Tooltip Padding Parameter not working

    On my ASPX page, under the webchart tag I can add a tag for "Tooltips".  I can change the font size, color, background color, etc... and that all works fine.  There is a parameter for "Padding" and no matter what value I put in there the box around…

  • UltraChart - Multiple charts on the same page display incorrect images

    Controls version: 14.1.20141.2150

    We have a page that contains 6 UltraCharts.  They should generate and display 6 unique chart images.  Occasionally the generated html has the same image file shown for different charts.  Also, occasionally the chart image…

  • Custom Tooltip Doughnut Chart

    I would like to add a tool tip displaying data from a third column from my dataview, "MISC_REFERENCE".  I am able to reference the specific row's data, but would like to show the MISC_REFERENCE field for each row of data.

    Is there a way…

  • stackColumn chart


    I didn t find the way by code or designer the way to display data value in each stack in my stackcolumn chart.

    Please find my attachement.

    Can you help me please

  • Composite chart : stacked column + line chart


    I create a BarColumnLine chart well but i want a stacked column + Line :( so i try to use composite chart.

    Now, i create my first composite chart (stacked column + line chart) with the wizard designer. I  fill the data source with the code behind…

  • ColumnChart - remove null or empty column.

    I am using a ColumnChart to display help desk tasks by team, by status.  I have the chart set up and working, except for when there are no tasks for a status for a team.  Whether I have a NULL in the datasource, and set


  • UltraChart X Axis with SQL Stored Procedure

    I am attempting to recreate an application that I did without Infragistics, this time I'm using Infragistics. What I am trying to do, is show a Column chart which has the number of boards processed and the time on the X Axis. Now, this time is obtained…

  • Invalid Parameter

    We are using UltraWebChart to draw pie-chart in our application.

    It is throwing below error when we try to load specific numbers into the chart.

    Exception: System.ArgumentException
    Message: Parameter is not valid.
    Source: System.Drawing
    at System…

  • WebChart X Axis Column from Stored Procedure

    Ok, so I am very new to Infragistics. I have a data-grid which displays the following information HOURS | OPERATION | BOARDS PROCESSED, I am needing to display this information via column chart. I can get the data to display no problem. However, with…

  • Stack3DColumnChart Positive and Negative Values

    I'm working on a Stack3DColumnChart but it is given me an error 'Staked Column 3D chart'. Error You must have at least one row and one numeric column and data should be either all positive or negative. 

    How can i make to display +- values…

  • Gantt chart imposed with the current date line

    Usually, when a chart is viewed, the current date is highlighted with a super imposed date line in a different color so as to highlight the current date in relevance to the date range.  I need to have a bolded or colored date line which indicates the current…

  • UltraWebChart Optimization



    We are currently using Infragistics35.WebUI.UltraWebChart.v12.2  to cater our charting requirements,

    The application involves statistics coming from just a few hundred records but the chart is taking too

    long to generate roughly  4 – 5 minutes…