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  • Can't set the ContentUrl (Client Side)

    Hi all

    I can't set the Content URL of a WebDialogWindow !

    Setting the Url in Design time works, but I need to change the Url during RunTime.

    I use this Function

            function spiderSelected(spiderJobID) {
                //  alert(spiderJobID);

                var dialog = $find…

  • Changing ContentUrl of ContentPane on close

    I have a page with several links, and clicking some of them will open up a WebDialogWindow which contains an iFrame.

    However, if I click link "a", closed the WebDialogWindow, then click link "b", I initially see the ASPX page that was the result from…

  • Autopostback inside a WebDialogWindow


    I have a drop down list (with Autopostback="true", and having few other text fields) inside a Web Dialog Window. Depending on the value selected from this list, another control needs to be shown.

    It doesn't seem to work when I change the…