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  • Refresh WebDataGrid

    I have these 2 functions that open a WebDialogWindow from a WebDataGrid.

    Client side
    function WebDataGrid1_DblClickHandler(sender, e) {            
          var grid = $find('<%= WebDataGrid1%>');
          var gridBehaviors = grid.get_behaviors();
          var row = gridBehaviors…

  • Webdatagrid click event in code behind

    hi , 

     i am trying to to open a webdialogwindow from a double click event from the webdatagrid cell but i need to do it from code behind instead of using the javascript :

    function WebDataGrid1_Grid_DoubleClick(sender, eventArgs) {
    var column = eventArgs…

  • webdatagrid column double click event

    hi , 

    i need to set a double click event to a column that open WebdialogWindow , how can i do it ?

    thank you.

  • webdatagrid filter translation menu to french


    I'm using  In fragistics v18.1 clr 4.5 WebDataGrid with Filtering behavior, and I need to translate the Filter's DropDown menu items, like (Equals, Greater than, Less than, Contains, Begins with, etc...) to french

    how can i do this?

  • When selecting a Cell on IE8, WebDataGrid jumps to header

    Im having a problem with the WebDatagrid and IE8, when there is enough data to make the scroll appear, I go down and when clicking on a Cell it will make the dialog jump to the header and then it will open the edition control much below the place it should…

  • WebDataGrid inside WebDialogWindow scrollbar issue.

    I am displaying a WebDataGrid inside a movable / sizable WebDialogWindow and have set the grid to width=100%; height=100%. The problem is that when the grid loads data, the horizontal scrollbar is not initially visible and the grid does not seem to be…

  • WebdataGrid LinkButton PostBack Issue

    I have 3 linkbuttons in one template field inside item template. All the 3 linkbutton has 3 different images. On First and Second LinkButton I have used PostBackURL. And on the third linkbutton's OnCommand I have EditCase Method. Now the problem…
  • RowEditingTemplate, data scrolling, and WebDialogWindow

    I have a WebDataGrid with a fixed height and width (so that the data can scroll independent of the header).  I do not have virtual scrolling enabled.

    When I scroll down and click a row, I have to scroll back to the top to see the RowEditTemplate.  If I…