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  • XamDatagrid fires InitializeRecord on start of filter


    a XamDatagrid uses InitializeRecord to sort new or changed records in the correct way. I have recognized significant performance problems in some cases where a XamDatagrid is used.

    I have seen that the method RefreshSorting() is called for each…

  • XamDataGrid AllowHiddenColumnIndicator

    The now obsolete XamGrid has AllowHiddenColumnIndicator property that, when set, displays an indicator in the column header UI to inform the user, at a glance, that a column is hidden there.  The XamDataGrid does not have an equivalent, so users are not aware…

  • XamDataGrid TemplateField Binding Question


    I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here but I'm trying to migrate the following from the XamGrid to the XamDataGrid.

    Here's the XamGrid xaml.  You can see that within the template I am binding to two different properties on the…

  • WPF - Xamdatagrid - Custom Filter Selection not kept

    When using xamdatagrid with recordfiltering and as FilterUIType LabelIcons.

    When I do a custom filter and select as operator contains, as operand something.

    Press ok.

    Reopen the custom filter, the operator has switched from contains to equals (first is…

  • how to Tabgrouppane add xamdatagrid binding


    <igWPF:SplitPane Width="auto" Height="auto" SplitterOrientation="Vertical">
    <igWPF:TabGroupPane ItemsSource="{Binding TabGroupItems}"> …

  • Selected row summaries


    I have looked at the documentation but couldn't find an example so I'm not sure if this feature is supported or not in DataGrid component. I want to create a DataGrid as in the picture below.

    As you can see, summary row is always visible.…

  • Problems with Binding

    I am aware of how to bind using INotifyPropertyChanged and raising an event.  But I am not able to get the bindings to work as I like in the DataTable Cells that a XamDataGrid is bound to.

    For example i have a class CellProperties (see snippet below) and…

  • how to scale the size of a datagrid / datapresenter cell

    I have a DataPresenter and it is bound to a table.  

    When I apply a scale transform to al the cells, I would like the cells in the dataPresenter to shrink or expand as expected.



  • XamDataGrid Force cell update from Paste even if value is the same


    I'm using a XamDataGrid and the Copy/paste function.

    When I paste on cell a value which is exactly the same than the current one, then my binded property is not updated.

    Does it possible to have my property update after the paste even if the…

  • How can i get the value of a single cell from my XamDataGrid?

    I'm working with the SelectStyle-Class and i want to do something like this:

    dim currentArtikelAccess as string = datagrid.row(item.row).cells(6).toLower()

  • XamDatagrid: Define and/or explude columns from AutoFit


    in a XamDatagrid there are a few colums that should autofit there width and use all available space. And there are some others that should stays static or resize on their own.

    1. By resizing the autofit colums they use the availble space equal…

  • xamdockmanager - split pane during flot enabled , xamdatagrid typing is not allowed in filter, but it's allowing during dockstate


    I have xamdocmanager, insider that xamdatagrid is available.

    the elements are as follows - 

    XamDockManager -> SplitPane -> ContentPane -> Grid -> ContentControl -> Xamdatagrid

    I am facing strange issue. I am not able to type in xamdatagrid…

  • Remove Group level Summary Row in XamDataGrid.

    Hi Team,

    I'm using Infragistics 20.2.16 version to develop applicaton in WPF. I have nested grouping in XamDataGrid but I want to show the Grand level summaryrow but not each group level summary row. But I need the summary row at grouping level row.…

  • Problem with conditional formatting

    I used this documentation, but it didn't work for me: Conditional Formatting - Infragistics WPF  Help

    What am i missing?

    XAML-Code for Compare-Window:

            <Style x:Key="CVP_Modified" TargetType="{x:Type igWPF:CellValuePresenter…

  • How can i change the position of a column in my xamDataGrid?

    I already tried this approach: Programatically change the column position. | Infragistics Forums

    But i get the following error: 

    System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: "The index was out of range. It must be non-negative and smaller than the collection.…

  • Xamdatagrid cell coloring depend on the max and min values

    I would like to change the background color of each cell depending on the value. 

    For now,  I have managed to do with the static limit of {0 and 1 }.  if the value is close to zero it will be green and red if it is close to 1. 

    But I want to color such as…

  • How can i add an SelectedRow event to my XamDataGrid?

    When i click on a row in my XamDataGrid i want to get access to the properites of my object which are bound to this specific row. How can i do this?

  • Remove HeaderPrefix Blank Area in WPF XamDataGrid.

    Hi Team,

    I am using WPF Infragistics 20.1.16. Could you please suggest how to remove the black area(yellow highlighted) before fieldchooser in XamDataGrid.

    Problem is on adding more level of grouping this area increased and alignment get distorted.

  • Remove HeaderPrefix Blank Area in WPF XamDataGrid.

    Hi Team,

    I am using WPF Infragistics 20.1.16. Could you please suggest how to remove the black area(yellow highlighed) before fieldchooser in XamDataGrid.

    Problem is on adding more level of grouping this area increased and alligment get distrored.

  • how to add row names to XamDataGrid while still otherwise autogeneratin columns

    I am binding a DataTable to a XamDataGrid and would like to have row names.

    Can I have a manually added first column that binds to an observableCollection or is there some other way of doing this short of inserting it into the table?


  • Two questions for getting started

    1,  First question:  Using the Configurator

    I have Infragistics WFP 2019.1 installed and would like to know if this is the version that allows the use of the Configurator, as I have been unable to get that to launch within the view.

    If our version is eligible…

  • XamDataGrid Custom Error Object to display Warnings and Errors


    I have a custom Error Class that utilizes IErrorContainer and INotifyDataErrorInfo. It has a Severity enum Property that indicates whether it is an error or warning. Now Based on this property i want to change Cell appearance of XamDataGrid. I tried…

  • Allow to enter edit mode of read only cells without a setter


    I have following problem. In Infragisitcs UltraGrid for WinForms it was possible to enter edit mode for properties without a setter, so that You can copy part of the text but You cannot modify it.

    Currently I am working on WPF app with MVVM and…

  • XDG0062 The file or assembly "InfragisticsWPF.DataPresenter.ExcelExporter, Version=21.2.20212.39, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7dd5c3163f2cd0cb" or a dependency on it was not found. The system cannot find the specified file.

    I used this documentation to export my XamDataGrid to Excel (Export a DataPresenter Control to Excel - Infragistics WPF  Help). I Installed all the packages but i keep getting this error, what can i do? I'm using Visual Studio 2022

  • How to add a new column to xamDataGridafter setting a datasource?

    I need to add a column to my XamDataGrid. I already have columns which are generated by "datagrid.source = ...". Now I need to add another column, each row in this column needs to have a toggle button (or something similar) inside it. Does anyone have…