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  • Templating or Styling the PaneHeaderPrester when the ContentPane is held within a TabGroupPane


    I'm trying the get the PaneHeaderPresenter to Collapse when the ContentPane is being held within a TabGroupPane, but haven't had any luck no matter how or where I target my templates or styles.

    If anyone can point me in the right…

  • How do you add a tooltip to a XamGrid's ImageColumn?

    Dear community member.

    My XamGrid contains an ImageColumn that us used to display a set of icons.  Each of these icons has a corresponding state (i.e. an enum value).  Ideally I would like to:

    • display an image in the column
    • display the enum value as…
  • Migrate RowTemplateStyle

    Hello! I am migrating from UltraWebGrid to WebHierarchicalDataGrid, and I came across the "RowTemplateStyle" property and I can't seem to find its correspondance in the 13.2 WebHierarchicalDataGrid.


  • Using ExcelStyleFilter on a TemplateDateField

    I need to use the excel style filter on a template data field.  I can see the drop down on the other columns, but I get a behaviour null on the template data field column.  Why and how can I fix this?  Also, the style is not loading.  My drop down it too…

  • Changing the Style/colors for Maximize button in TileHeader in XAMTileManager control during hover and default


      Am trying to apply styles for TileHeader and also for maximize button within Tile  Header. I use below code for Tilheaders but am not sure how to apply styles for maximize button in tile header

    <Style TargetType="{x:Type igPrim:TileHeaderPresenter…

  • Changing xamDateTimeEditor style/template


    I have a problem styling the XamDateTimeEditor. I am using the 10.1 version of infragistics controls. When I specify the DropDownButtonStyle or Template or EditTemplate properties of the XamDateTimeEditor within my style, it always crashes my…

  • XamDataGrid Error Template


    I am using the Metro theme provided at this location. I cannot override the Error template of the XamDataGrid (grid as a whole and not of a row or cell). To make it clear here is the situation I use it for. I have a list of persons that is bound…