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  • Migrate RowTemplateStyle

    Hello! I am migrating from UltraWebGrid to WebHierarchicalDataGrid, and I came across the "RowTemplateStyle" property and I can't seem to find its correspondance in the 13.2 WebHierarchicalDataGrid.


  • ExcelStyleFilter css not working

    I have been trying to change the css for the filter and I can't get the style to work.  Her is an image of my dropdown...

  • Using ExcelStyleFilter on a TemplateDateField

    I need to use the excel style filter on a template data field.  I can see the drop down on the other columns, but I get a behaviour null on the template data field column.  Why and how can I fix this?  Also, the style is not loading.  My drop down it too…

  • Styling ExpansionColumnHeader in childgrid

    I would like to have a different header style on "child" grids in the webhierarchicaldatagrid.

    I have managed to change the style of all the regular columns, but have problems with the expansion column header.

    How may I set the ExpansionColumnHeader…