Boston Embedded Systems Conference

[Infragistics] Andrew Flick / Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am currently in Boston at the ESC conference and it's a whole new world to experience.  If you're there, stop by the Windows Embedded booth and visit.  The keynote presentation was unlike anything I've seen before, it included a part on new headphones that are fashon designed by Miss Lady Gaga, solor panel IPhone chargers, and some pretty big announcements from Microsoft. 

The announcement that was of the most interest to me was Silverlight on Windows CE 6.0 R3.  Of course, it's partly being selfish in the fact that the Silverlight UX on the device used at the keynote was designed by Infragistics.  I gave a small presentation on this yesterday at the Windows Embedded Theatre and was faced with a group of people who are just now seeing how easy it can be to build great UX for Embedded Devices.  The interface that we created took under a couple of weeks to build and that included working with a team of C++ developers that we had never met and integrating into a device we had never seen.  Here's a capture of what we did: