Windows Mobile 7 Series Bet

[Infragistics] Andrew Flick / Monday, March 15, 2010

Las Vegas.  It's all about gambling right?  Making bets and seeing if they pay off.  As part of the product management team at Infragistics, we make bets daily and plan on betting at Mix, but not on slots, poker, or black jack.  We're betting on Microsoft's Silverlight strategy.  Three screens and a cloud, right? 

We've had one of our teams build out a full user-interface in Silverlight that consumes a web-service and binds to our "up and coming" XamDataChart.  So, what bets did we make. 

  • Bet 1: Microsoft will ship some form of Mobile tooling at Mix (Mix Web-site)
  • Bet 2: Given that they had SL2 working on Embedded after SL3 had shipped; that this release will be targeting SL3 first.
  • Bet 3: All the ancillary UI controls won't be there. (Meaning, have the team build the UI using simple controls whenever possible like buttons).
  • Bet 4: Screen size 800-by-480 and Accelerometer - (PCMag reference)

Here are the mock-ups.  If we win all 4 bets, before the end of the conference; we will have a Windows 7 Series emulator running a custom Infragistics application, hooking into Yahoo Finance, and running the Infragistics XamDataChart.

Come on Lady Luck.