9 Interactive Features of the Ignite UI igGrid

Craig Shoemaker / Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thanks to all who attended my recent session on 9 Interactive Features of the Ignite UI igGrid. There’s a lot packed into the grid and features highlighted in the webinar just scratch the surface on what the grid can do!

Demos Download

If you’re interested in working through the samples I used during the demo, you can download the code here. Please note that you’ll need to setup a virtual directory named ig_ui to host the js and css folder which have all the Ignite UI files in them.

What about the Grid?

There are two ways you can get access to the grid to run the samples:

  1. Use your existing licensed copy of Ignite UI
  2. Download a trial of Ignite UI

Once you download the bits and setup the files in your virtual directory, the demos should work unaltered on your machine. The good news is that you can run them by just opening the HTML files from the file system or by running them through a web server.