Webinar: Silverlight 4 Primer – Creating a Business App with NetAdvantage Silverlight Controls

Craig Shoemaker / Monday, July 19, 2010

 The fast-paced release scheduled for Silverlight has brought advancements in the framework at a breakneck speed. One of the best ways of getting proficient with all these advancements is to simply have someone show you the ropes. In the latest installment of the Infragistics Webinar Series, Jason Beres (@jasonberes) explains the basics of Silverlight 4 and gives the context of how Infragistics controls fit into the the mix.

I this webinar you’ll learn Silverlight fundamentals of:

  • Creating an out of browser (OOB) application
  • Accessing the local file system and peripherals
  • Integration with RIA services
  • Implementing a master/detail scenario

Additionally you learn how Infragistics high performance grid and charting controls add just the right touch to your application.

Join us July 22 @ 10am EDT

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