SharePoint Mobile Access Solution: SharePlus

Dara Monasch / Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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For those of us who are SharePoint advocates, there simply is no substitute for direct, smooth SharePoint access, regardless of the device. The need for Mobile SharePoint accessibility at the level to which avid users are accustomed has finally been addressed by Infragistics’ SharePlus product.

If there is one mobile tool out there that is truly meant to work hand-in-hand with all of the functions of SharePoint, it would be SharePlus. Upon starting up SharePlus for the first time, you’re immediately able to access and edit documents on your SharePoint, online or offline, without needing to install server components.  The ability to securely access your calendars, intranets, documents and task lists on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or iPad without having to jump through a bunch of annoying setup hoops is a much needed breath of fresh air.

Whether you use SharePoint as a business traveler, around the office complex or at your home office, SharePlus is an absolutely essential tool. With its clean UI, users from novice to the expert are able to navigate SharePlus with the same comfort as the native desktop SharePoint interface.

In addition to the ease of use benefits, Enterprise level organizations love SharePlus. Not only can you apply your corporate branding to your mobile SharePoint solution, but SharePlus also employs the same top-grade security measures that you are familiar with from your office network.

Mobile access, locked down security measures, and an easy to navigate interface to name a few features, make SharePlus a “no-brainer download” for those of us who use SharePoint on a regular basis, from the individual user to full-fledged corporate adoption. Interested in SharePlus Enterprise? For more information, Register Here!

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By Dara Monasch