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DevToolsGuy / Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The concept of migrating from rich client desktop applications to modern web technologies that encompass the desktop browser, tablet and mobile devices is not new.  However, the pressure to move apps off the desktop and onto multi-channel, modern web is happening now at record pace, but the path is not as clear as it may seem.  Everything from the data layer, the service layer, the interaction models and UI patterns are potentially different when moving off the desktop, and creating a new experience that is equally as useful on the browser as on a mobile device is critical to the success of a desktop-to-web project.  From user research, to prototyping to choosing the right UI tools, careful consideration needs to go into a re-imagination of what was once in a rich client experience and moving to this new paradigm. 

At Infragistics, we have experience helping small customers and large enterprises with this shift.  To help you with your next digital transformation, we’ve designed a series of whitepapers, webinars and how-to’s that will guide you.  Based on our years of experience we will cover everything from design, to prototyping to development so you can get an in-depth overview of the whole process, which will have you building beautiful, high-powered web applications with greater reach, easier deployment, and lower total cost of ownership, in no time.

The series will be an ideal meeting point for desktop and web developers, UX architects, visual designers and anyone who is involved in the transition of moving either an existing desktop technology or server side web applications, which are not working well on devices.

Starting with our first webinar this Thursday, the 23rd, our Director of User Experience Kevin Richardson will reveal to you why it is so important to have a UX strategy when embarking on this important transition. Taking an existing desktop application and having it looked the same way but available on web is not as simple as it sounds. There are many aspects that need to be considered such as various design patterns, which allow you to use the application differently when you can access it remotely without being dependent on your office desk.

The following week, on the 30th of April, our very own George Abraham will show us the prototyping wonders which Infragistics’ Indigo Studio can do for your line-of-business development process. Being first with new and useful products on the market and staying ahead of the curve has always been crucial for businesses, but nowadays this process takes a whole new level. Brand new products or updated versions are out on the market in shorter time than the changing of the seasons. This change, however, includes a solid investment from enterprises in infrastructure, developer’s time, and knowledge, which in turn significantly raises the total cost of ownership. When prototyping with Indigo studio, you will not have to worry about whether the idea is good or not as your prototypes will help you determine this right from the beginning, before even writing a single code line, saving you valuable time and financial costs.

Our final presentation on the 7th of May, featuring Infragistics’ Director of Product Development Ambrose Little, will explore in detail the challenges found in enterprise-grade desktop applications, and will investigate the ways that migrating to the web will ultimately lower the cost of new software. Ambrose will also walk you through the technologies developers need to learn when starting that transition, using Infragistics’ jQuery/HTML5 toolset Ignite UI to help  you create high-performance web applications.

As an added bonus, all attendees will be entered into a raffle to win a free iPad Mini 3! Space is limited, so reserve your spot today. When you register for one webinar, you automatically gain access to all three – we make it easy!

We hope to see you in  the front row: the knowledge and practices our market-leading experts will share with you will certainly give you the competitive edge in your development process, and will provide your business undeniable benefits as well. Register here!